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  • 00:00: lions it made me this is the gift gorgeous little dress that she promised is to teach our same without a pattern Is it really possible this question interested not only in me but also our stylist novel copper hello my expensive first please tell me your word stylist that's about it Ali works roll that Now I power I particularly chic like the combination of colored dress color lipstick thanks
  • 00:30: for you gorgeous dress it beautiful female Well, since you argued that it to make it easy, we in just a while all My husband and I currently own the same flesh pashas Dates of course rum Well this style in this popular season to one asymmetry straightened or a sleeve wide sleeves now very popular and at the same time such dresses found in large number of designers example sister Monica
  • 01:00: Penelope Cruz appeared on various events very similar dresses and some wags even answer that it may have 1, and in turn between It includes both sisters it sometimes but then mentally that dress different, and even designer just did not expect yes another one Bucha pier but what if dig into fashion archives is possible find similar dress and he had his courtney too, and now she the most fashionable and popular because Today we will learn do it very easy and simple but First, I would like to learn how you You think that's a Here we platishko
  • 01:30: specially made sketches of how much It will cost and what time is it It takes such tailoring dresses and how much it would cost count I believe that this you can sew a dress one day but somewhere 700 hryvnia else like we were on my thin Only if the foot something that's a thousand hryvnia and and obscene shields years at least two days very very good gift presented so that it how much will it cost and how long it is necessary to spend and we learned not only our viewers And at professional seamstresses and that's what they tell us
  • 02:00: it told Let's see tailoring costs this product is half but 2 thousand hryvnia weeks this is a normal life sewing for such flesh master and if the body is necessary live shorter the terms for such a models need at least Two days cost will be two thousand two hundred hryvnia for urgency in present model several draperies slanting drape from shoulder drape on waist to drape for they all hips
  • 02:30: different focus so I would recommended use good flowing fabrics this dress can sew from 10 to 14 calendar days working for 3000 hryvnia price tissue minimally Adar 80 hryvnia and maximum up to 2000 hryvnia to three ie it depends on the customer what he wants what kind of fabric wants if wishes the customer wants it this dress urgently that is, can we dress procure to 7
  • 03:00: working days and the price it will be should hide five thousand hryvnia. I thank you for this precious gift but still reveal secret as time you spend the fact to sew dress is not for you do not believe what time is it I spent on it I sewed a dress for his 10 minutes Roma did this but perhaps if the hive tells her believe so what we need in order to sew a feather dress and skull We buy fabric most
  • 03:30: the best option is knitted course knitwear which It contains some whist goats he will holodnenky he will flow and very nice to look at your figure because choose from this tooth Jean grams we need minimum width half a meter possible little more than a meter sixty and length buy a half, too meter ie Basically we get square half and one and a half Now at what point it is already possible time pinpoint because I I think you need to arrange serious challenge Olya experiment for you like you in 10 minutes you send the dress yes
  • 04:00: Roma really where do you see in Well the good part a measure accurate and I see that today my guest the presence of men absolutely not indifferent to the topic you have hours And would you please note the time for so that we convinced that we will sew a dress 10 Make sure the copper also works with it buying fabric also will cost you quite expensive knitwear costs 40 hryvnia meter depending on course also on the quality of colors of
  • 04:30: production you you can vary already in its budget We buy and half meters respectively a minimum of 60 hryvnia, we spent on a segment This fabric is also our need thread and need tape about half the tape meter it costs about 2 hryvnia The most interesting in this situation is that when we bring home a piece of fabric but most importantly to determine Two things in the first place where front side and where Wrong and now the next moment that we need determine in what toward reaching our fabric stretch it should the width
  • 05:00: but we both ways it both ways It lasts but one she It stretches more than the other just a little we define and width add up this is twice as fenugreek a person in inwards to face the outside but I think from that moment when we piled into two of our dress, we we can start the countdown time time went ok the first thing we do we must measure our chest girth let me help you come on this is my favorite we must measure
  • 05:32: girth of chest and hips He is on the volume the amount of which we will be the greatest and we consider it we take the greatest it chest girth or on the hips and divide it will give half of growth carefully our fabric all neatly edges must go together shall be all neatly when our apathy will rovnenko we take half of our volume is about 45 centimeters but if ninety-sixty-ninety Well we do the will of the world if we strip line on
  • 06:02: which we will make a line of the entire length of our Dress is the most probably a a long time when we need all neatly raschertit so for you obverse straight rice obverse The following pages are not not remain on the finely you can still head also use Darling draws to to us it is well devils familiarize Uhl sushi how are we going to sew on ordinary typewriter because if it so deformed just from the small fry of needles, she, too, will greatly deform machines but it will be well collected and then at We will show uneven But such floating
  • 06:32: want here sekretiki learn and so we measure a straight line but remember that 25 we do centimeters then do the notch such a memory well to we do this line line is another this is a big plus dress this dress done just a sleeve seam is matters some but the fact that half a meter this the length of our dresses the maximum possible make even longer I just growth I know half a meter these women is that
  • 07:03: especially with the help of Drawstring we make your seams We will tighten its length up to date which is necessary to us adjust yes rum how many minutes it's been on my 4 minutes and so we We do more here as just a moment about which said Roma us need to do so that our machine number chewed did not pull our knitted fabric It was near my old method Grandma is possible completely plain paper some newspaper a magazine all that if you have a hand you
  • 07:33: use we take paper and placed under the bottom our platishko your seam now we fix fabric in such a way that it It will not have group it was under the thread and so what we do we and begin to sew Now a accelerate We do 3 strochechki next to each other at a distance centimeters from each and these other line we do by that line that we
  • 08:03: painted and in the face of the outer rum on board obtained universal and figures that we have different we usually pick up clothes according the type of figure that say this time I already knew the secret this dress and what in fact the main feature is that you can do hangings on the level at which you want depending matter how the effect you want you can achieve collect more draping under the breast and thus the breast visually enlarge it is for those who have big hips chest It lacks any Conversely, you can longer collect draping at the bottom
  • 08:33: abdomen and thigh to adjust shape and highlight hips until you my talk dress almost ready we've reached the end show that the reverse hand on, we have Reputation of our paper and now we neatly with her severing, we see that We still like the seam you seam the way Roma You doubt it possible on a conventional machine so well, I see here three stitches and they go hand in hand save on fabric almost burned That's how it is
  • 09:03: could to home felt because everything here will still be drapery is wrong scary and with disastrous the reverse side, we We see also all rovnenko stylists I continue to endorse to take the ribbon dress on bulavochku now all very just in our kuliske which we we have formed thread the ribbon th it can be there for at least childhood when squeezed gum fell out but no filling in the really well, where are you from childhood, this is now thrust rubber not grandmother always sewed and still sews and
  • 09:34: all my house bedclothes grandmother stitched but It is true even trying lingerie I say there's etnies presents little family semeika yes yes yes yes yes Yes Yes Well, that's my childhood I always helped her and inserted gum everywhere where only be inserted well now! grass checks not lost if his skills is evil and I want said that another advantage of this Dress is what you not need edge processing this is due to the materials rays of a material with choosing a dress, we We focus on the material that is not It gives the arrow and the most ideal is
  • 10:05: Of course when we stretch jersey he wrapped then we roll completely visible as the basis of the irregularities it serious when vdevayu when generally we We walked back and forth 1 Ribbon we are one stitch 2 in another way and I want more to focus on Our ribbons that You can select some like satin I can choose ribbons of natural materials such way our not drape over will glide eg rolls one some side of things while a small bow We fix pay attention to the fact that
  • 10:35: where one side we have our Drawstring we have not It comes both before the end 25 See what is said there is a whole we Now get this here the hose Now we are having our Drawstring team line and here we It is 25 centimeters which I said that in We do not sutured they Tass here in our this free flight, and this is our dress ready hand just time exactly 10 minutes I promised by your hours also here in
  • 11:05: minutes and nine minutes thirty seconds Olya fulfilled perfectly his promise is now yet just one minute I was already convinced on own experience and dress me figure, and now we must ensure that we dress happened absolutely not worse the fact that somewhere in the us because money is now we have to try on manicure lower ribbon we are just grabbed when we clothe already dresses we can adjust how will it this is a long It turns down and
  • 11:35: here we can lock in order to lock top here this Halter we can use bulavochku desirable Of course to make it It was beautiful on a some phrases it can only a brooch Of course yes, and that's the hour aperture arm in arm, and here we are Depending on their type of figure can I looked up at the sky higher Indeed in that is principle can be This short dress Long may it I have even tunic I think I think that if drapery times there will definitely odd and the main
  • 12:05: focus better to do on shoes in this case, because when draping in the center this bag will force already overrode thanks Olenka Roma huge thank you for your advice and we you convinced that just 10 minutes you can sew elegant dress