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  • 00:12: hello dear friends with you again elena Balaban and Today we have with you will be very interesting Master Class We'll be with you decorate just such from little red obodochek means that the tape we use today we use white 5 centimeters to the tape
  • 00:30: and the ribbon 5 centimeters for those who do not understand our the language I prepared wrote 5 5 centimeters and white and red means more we use here so that's two and a tape half centimeter two and a half here so that's all, in principle, We dealt with ribbons What next petals who we are we today use it here
  • 01:01: a petal double triangle lepestochek yes today I will make it a little bit another way Th but the principle is always even if the three methods do you mean Well today in short, I'll show you Now in general we do lepestochek first triangle core can be say yes here reds add up triangle once and add up the little white triangle
  • 01:33: and spoon like this Now downgraded to a little farther pintsetikom possible squeeze it fix, as it were let's continue to do in what is going to like this collect red yes it is in white are a bit below is obtained here such lepestochek means to do next
  • 02:01: cut off a little and cut off this here rear part Chizh and Co All our lepestochek ready means more
  • 02:32: which has petals we will use yet we round use lepestochek here is crease krasivenky very because we do add up the ribbon then another place together now We hold on to this one here tip here and here begins to take shape Yes here we crease so you it pile up, and 12
  • 03:02: tip collect here There is one wrinkle and other doing 12 and We collect tips it turns out that's a here lepestochek we just straighten cut off and burned
  • 03:37: here such lepestochek we get Of course back hand can little pruning that it was an early so literally slightly. cauterize these here sliced stuff here and all here and so obtained lepestochek so mean of such petals Egypt do stuff 8
  • 04:02: where a record 8 8 pieces like these here such is also the most somewhere around 8 pieces until then, there are seven, eight nine is like this on what we do well there are no wrong I say he is 8 the main flower still if we want more It can be done here such here flowers on a us
  • 04:31: We need exactly the same petal 5 centimeters wide Tape in principle same means then what do then we still need to use here Such are the small petals we do freshly made but not yet Once again they good will look at this composition too lepestochek crease 1 but crease belt 2 centimeter We add up the place yet together now
  • 05:00: We hold on to this one tip yah thin and now this simply add up as one another and that's all We have spread this way Now you get this lepestochek more just a little cut off zazhigalochkoy and cut off
  • 05:31: darling on her fate also so here is a obtained petals of petals somewhere 7 take stuff so in Basically further already beginning to gather our own flower that we have for this we will need needed basis for the base of the flower I take the foundation's
  • 06:00: this here but I did weaving a ribbon this is obtained from we again somewhere its diameter somewhere 3 There are 3 centimeters on 3 so it turns out then what we had We do it and attach to the two the point here is wrong with the expectation that we still It will be two small flowers by the side here and here yes but here we will do so simple little to do foundations tags because flowers will have there is little to
  • 06:30: more to do great again attach to the rim and we begin to collect our song We traveled as a basis already attached reply as always ok then so on begin to gather our our petals here These fun here just smear neatly glue attach
  • 07:19: so well, in general so Dear friends attach it get somewhere seven eight nine petals up to Our flower looked Beautiful Body but
  • 07:31: not given apisto yes here continue attaching do all around like always so expensive Friends has been the first stage of our work I have made Receive 7 petals as always one spare but that's why I always say that a little more whether you need that little one by port or anything else but my happened here such But beyond the next
  • 08:00: stage still small such zest our today we use today yet here is such a interesting red torch It means that we are with him We will do us you need to cut it such here squares somewhere I do not know three husband about four there centimeter by 4 yes somewhere about here and so cut and from then on it will use as the we need means squares where there are so
  • 08:31: here it is so here are obtained squares but we We do with these a square as we have them we use add up like this Now it turns out that's such features or
  • 09:00: or can be more use them let's here and so I I think that here and so how we do I think our petals enough means and then what we are with them do we simply neatly tip smear glue and glue you like we can say at but that's the basis of our here from seredinochku where it turns out that's
  • 09:32: so here here so in general in a circle You can take less squares you can this is to take more as it were on your taste circles can take and squares just a small square kills faster principle to work
  • 10:00: Generally dear friends Now with the help of here squares paste all around from here on it's lower but that's the basis of it all and so continue to using tulle and cheeks little decorated our obodochek Yes principle already It turns out very well simpatichnenko It means that we do then we continue with then you take our these petals tidy and the Now that's neat
  • 10:31: here's a little bit and push glue these to know why I first These taped up petals well, that is, tulle when they round because to me as it would be not to work now simply already top so we look where we carefully paste our petals and the bottom all the work is done so coarsely plastered
  • 11:00: take lepestochek a bit like that though neatly on the bag now just immediately clear yes how hotenchik it will be good to play That's how to do next the same thing is already certainly not for everybody some may first be let's stick round but then
  • 11:30: tulle bottom dokleit not just mean take round lepestochek again and it neatly we have to wash and here like this that's what happens then again we do same
  • 12:04: glue let lepestochek choose plump beautiful on the bag like this But in general, in principle, you work principle I think it means to understand dokleivaem all others petals knife and so now
  • 12:31: ready and the next our dear step friends we make here here's a little Flower mean we take a little cube can be said Yes, well, or a circle that you will cut it so one on one centimeter somewhere about We begin to sow pasted neatly of these are our small petals who as will only will be
  • 13:07: it happened 6 stuff I now just smear see the foundation and our glue flower seredinku not stuck. So
  • 13:31: and girl seredinochku here a little petals smoothed generally onion and so look are a little here So It may get such interesnenko but it turns out more
  • 14:01: that still wanted I would do more like you recommend do here even da Now here are two more flower but it is certainly not a fan of because it has and so very beautiful it turns out well, in general do before then first flower HIV as we we simply collect take the petals that we did yes we called them crease just yes a crease
  • 14:31: petals nothing We do not add them take so little squeezing glue on newsletter
  • 15:02: So so we need fit somewhere five This stuff will normally, in principle, 4 because we already have and put here the last five so here is a flower turns his little
  • 15:30: flatten petals themselves so they should already have lying to the press a little to well all come from well here in Basically, all these are our flowers ready Yes and there is one other way so now just carefully We put the glue here little flowers we We can not fix tape
  • 16:00: just their neatly you paste it Little do they anywhere principle should not escape this way and this side about look where we already have sword here smear glue
  • 16:34: attach here such obodochek Beauty get and the last thing we left it Of course decorations here here so basically already that is beautiful can certainly add it some tychinochki yes this is purely your
  • 17:01: course or can be add beads such or any there such example mosinka possible add any Basically there will be well you can on middle, and on such the sides of some or red here and so such as type reds such little white say yes These are small here
  • 17:32: Well dear friends Basically all today we get this such a beautiful bezel is very fashionable stylish and generally very beautiful I think it turned that you should necessarily make such obodochek Statement or your family and please someone you all dear friends if you like today Master Class Be sure to his husky and who else not signed
  • 18:00: subscribe to my write your channel no comments sure that you think of my today rims Well, all my dear friends try to create and you will succeed Thanks to yet next time