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"Необычный" Kanzasha's Flower of master class \/ DIY Kanzashi - YouTube

"Необычный" Kanzasha's Flower of master class \/ DIY Kanzashi - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello, my name is Anastasia, in this video tutorial I'll show how to do that's so original Flower petals of kanzashi. we need to create a square one petal 5 cm wide satin tape
  • 00:33: We need one hundred and three of the petal.
  • 01:02: On the basis of felt 6 cm diameter circle glue 20 petals.
  • 01:33: Petals next two layers of glue between the two petals of the previous layer.
  • 03:36: The fourth layer 19 petals. The third layer 14 petals.
  • 05:05: In the second layer 8 petals. Flower middle of a close two twisted petals glued to each other.
  • 06:22: Here's a flower we turned hopefully it the video was useful to you, do not forget to comment video and put your grades, subscribe
  • 06:31: per channel not to miss the new video tutorials. I invite you to their groups in social networks. See you soon!!!