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Kanzasha's butterfly of Master class \/ DIY kanzashi - YouTube

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  • 00:00: Hello my name Anastasia Kulikova in this Video we do here a butterfly from petals and kanzashi if you're interested how does it do stay with take the square satin ribbon make 5 cm sharp petal kanzashi cut off the edge of the leaf and when such Pauline owl way to rewrote Retrieved from
  • 00:30: holes such petals us necessary because sinners Now do double petal kanzashi such petals us You will need two pieces are we not this
  • 01:09: Well there is Now do this but the petal smaller can be used with two tape width
  • 01:31: half centimeter but if you do not have the right shades Made of tape width five centimeters and just longer cut off a hell .
  • 02:05: glue the two lobes between themselves between them glue another petal we
  • 02:34: we need 2 such compositions waist make the top wing butterfly glue the two lobes Virtus between not attach these petals at
  • 03:00: this about
  • 03:33: there is really Now glue
  • 04:00: yet glue restructuring pad is ready two such Now collect Butterfly glue two we petal made body butterfly
  • 04:30: further define wings
  • 05:22: so
  • 05:32: decorate the junction of two petals body butterfly little traffic Well unfortunately I Turn off the camera and I filmed it masher pasting stamen Geese like mom made is the usual way simply drill stamen mixed with and people on tribest thanks that
  • 06:00: We watched this video to the end and forget comment on videos and put there is subscribe to channel so as not to I miss my new video see you soon meetings