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  • 00:13: for the fact Gagik Minasyan together Marina Vakula and today we are with you Kutin comment very nice flowered our first of September ii km means a visit leaks So questionable scoring from points here such mandate let a little more in May he added
  • 00:31: interesting points trial that we take the laundry the client is 100 and carry the name of the successor today somewhat cube thus changing the cut into two types petals Again, this is five centimeters if n you can use use scissors law and Nikolaevich already at your discretion four cancel Assessment meters and cut the segment points
  • 01:06: We note 5 September Now I show closer because had fewer questions And now, behold interval 5 cm that is, so we need to be excluding 30 you can do this with the clearing
  • 01:30: now with poverty lighted glasses But if we simply cut the trip neatly Hey carders molded dots we if using a soldering iron, we do not making year Supply and sledding sector here we have already found tons Pestrechinka then we use the bushes where Putin
  • 02:02: tea to it already well-dare we'll have to fasten the clip cards I will then drain the same time canceling 5 centimeters
  • 02:37: to on the artist Kirilenko Kovalchuk Anya them plot to fly, too, the same source Jap here and so We wish he was dead
  • 03:01: all now Piglet husband dismantled hurry Pestushko we take the box, the same tape we take and spend doing compare the same well as 5 is what is lifting those who stand with the more small point we add in paragraph in his youth looking for the truth turns out this a little before buying Storchak
  • 03:36: from technical and prizes film Now it turns out these little skirmishes means so that more is that it will leaves from the point today we are with you will do What do you think SV here such here and there chubby but rejected little glass there
  • 04:00: well, what do we do first device simple fun Wittstock amnesty RUR m market Hatchback prune as the Nina bread of the points but inverted the usual here such that nothing can get value
  • 04:32: Shishkin network combine a little bit of support and more finger advance what's next so in fact if Mogilyanki Gaulle games May 3 spot on this side yes artist We still have a little secret we I have this here crease conflict with the terms of the cemeteries was accurate China so we feel the line neatly
  • 05:00: selective It turns attacking leaf If sg look at its discretion as you like it USD went up flowers It means prepared ha and following Mr. then we will do the female 5 Now our children have a total of only flower Sinai itself as we going with MAIL promoter that is Yang inspectors simply purchase We start banked
  • 05:31: petals it is very decent money will be spent on construction Moscow and because we will see so I was on the counter to blog let Goebbels shocked
  • 06:04: the score was a little bit asus the molded third layer fund and then we will deal harshly in rural areas Inta that is, from whom it is better to remain It should be knocking smaller so that is place must also cube it already wishes can be done 4
  • 06:31: Three dollars is the best way then saw a Kolenka basis You can make a piece further along chipping structures such way centimeter Tymonkin cube and the third energy package small pieces ice, I will not leave them on all points i
  • 07:05: 8 tonnes What do you think won the suit type Togo OKKO filling stations in the whole cabinet ie July 6 that the captain the way doctors here you can find room Corresponding point Well, that's a point to the rink
  • 07:33: then so what we do we to flower attach to Sudan bars bluetooth port module on the beach
  • 08:11: just we get then take in the middle of a for a road to nowhere today Why then did not want to with what is such a possible even in such salads Mariupol I do not know Usually the third stage was the usual
  • 08:32: but that's not all dear friends today I want to sing and even our so to do is to stop us at a meeting Piszczek Racing sg a little more to the tip of the nose It means flower flowers he could reach home Nastya points of today's date it has turned out such a very funny contractors and further review of our decorations
  • 09:00: including we here to do with the here and point since we are now the target soft sop there under our colors so we need it is estimated that something like a part of our firm leaves do not take so we add pay twice there where and formats and its open ribbon Wipe Kiev before where because I will interiors such as youtube The couple has a point and criminals 0 6 year boys there is not
  • 09:31: remember the street what do you need take Storchak legs boxer
  • 10:03: that is, as an attempt to cover it up already of course minibus fantasy house Think about making a lot of the leaf you can do some for the session and so we can say already passed peak 4 ha that is, it is a very accurate current even pretty
  • 10:31: on what to do but on the point of interest we need them glue it I did sneak a current And this we salute leaves as a sign of the point of looking outside the areas KAMAZ market paragraph is that it has been weight where German
  • 11:03: resist as you can see the leaves today such on May 6 looks so basically Putin has so generally tactfully Now a mediator flower turned
  • 11:31: even a little leaves added there It turned out very cute we can I think even today still wanted to show tea as the fishing line here add some ladies but I think that the prince must have and so grab power Pyatov will be very nice whence and most importantly that the leaves are not will interfere
  • 12:00: they will simply look no further BBC News Well here is such today turned those of beauty previously on its slopes and ballet remains of mines change Kitashev signatures honest channel boutique has a lot of interesting or There are many interesting for fans to our and of course we know access to live with purpose Comments are not seeing each other in order whose Chronicle all thanks to borrow money friends All samples government but seriously until