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  • 00:00: how to make orchids bloom year round and grow this exotic flower without pot I tell my friend left Rashkin Hello dear but judging by the number issues at forum our program that concerns namely orchid complexity of care them of many of our women interested in This question 1c Returns and to shift the
  • 00:30: are similar to a bottle of a60 about mother in law legend Venus lady kuhonnik hoarse for it was a shoe-century and pretended to beautiful view Church of orchids and TCA It became a symbol of sexy people passed on he slapped her magic fins flippers and the value tab or knock the turns here and shafts love potion in Europe for orchids wandering near India 2 because steel and Ortiz alone it exotic tall People bone shaft bar thoroughbred gallop These knowledge today
  • 01:00: more than 35 000 enter into orchids alone you to grow on trees other tracks by a scalar the marshes and on the form pizza mail Sniper Hideki can live and the parties to the fact on show love well, vanilla align strong and vanilla pods orchid and the axis find roshe orchid gold Kinabalu to that of 50,000 said more than once around a lower choice you catch home Phalaenopsis orchid in minds in the home she can whistle force
  • 01:30: Rick and forever the same Duchamp painting on business is that our orchids Phalaenopsis and they unpretentious they can grow without pot plants for lazy like without pot and where are we the ground will put in order to flower roses she does not need primer this plant as an epiphyte What is an epiphyte those who plant grow on trees say they caught in some crevices cu care and
  • 02:00: somewhere in the mountains is plant which see water very, very often so that they can be generally not water you need need but rarely to me then came here such orchid her mistress to me I turned and said, that she somehow took a piece of yes we made excavations and we saw one root's alleged they there like and see greenbacks near Stalks Chernenkaya
  • 02:30: okantovochka for says that he rotted but she herself Look saves it is ground increases the root system a flower can save here all these unnecessary for her we remove from koreshochki Now she has two spine and correct if no koreshochki not found healthy throw there see here is are headed He dropped out of the pot has a root system
  • 03:00: she drove away and it began to grow in air sidekick of chica the tenacious we orchids such q placed on a foam it will grow on foam it will grow by 15 once a week we it can popshikat on koreshochki tops can be lower a little hand popshikat it all and not We fall in love with watering warm showers early or later, it is very bad ends here for this orchid the way she did in the
  • 03:30: this state is a month just in the air, she blooms but for some reason if it is even in the air blooms very many It does not bloom they love her so so caring and simply Ruble him and sticks That's the same mother overfed children it my all amazing orchid that grows on foam and it can so years grow and if we Attach the foam a little better down forestry
  • 04:01: orchid simple run away from improper soil Now this powerful orchid brand you see all rotted and it forms normal epiphytic the roots on top of the air She escapes from the pot and we pour it I have two months set Now in this way suspended literally down even if your head orchid almost seems already dead is not It means that it is not we are able to live it
  • 04:31: save we remove all completely unnecessary koreshochki just shears cut off here are two root normal left enough to disinfection possible activated carbon possible wood cover up, we have Powdered cinnamon Th currently it does not need water I will just in time pshikat week on the underside of the foliage lower lower it good eats it is lower side and if water enters the top
  • 05:01: dangerous dangerous because see that she lived central points can drain down here in rozetochki and it can rot so the top if desirable it happened take toilet The paper curls cone and all promo nod ground for orchids is not a picket It should be no moisture capacious and we see that it grows in moss sphagnum moss and even toys one that is very long it keeps us
  • 05:31: exempt from this wealth is very many women in the forum asked the question how to do so orchid bloomed all year in her must still be rest period agree legs acrid your orchid is not blooms floor water at This is more than 4 sheets means care in you are wrong here we are learning to care for orchid First purchase Orchid see if she is sitting in the moss this should not be and we will fly remove
  • 06:02: transplanted in normal kuru better take large it can be pine bark oak It may simply be corks from bottles here that is, you gather up whole and krupnenkaya somewhere on the half way and threw two of to need disinfected or just cut and the All car that I poured out, and you should Boil or that that there are resins and they harmful thereby you kill worms ie bugs boil for half an hour another half hour on the merged I boiled their ready
  • 06:33: a primer primer it should be dry dry roots dry sadim because if roots moist they very broken All I'm wrong the way they did root that We were inside this pot yellowish or white patients No, they just were not exposed photosynthesis and not see such pale little because that they were sun why we one transparent pot because the roots of orchids
  • 07:03: capable of photosynthesis that is, they eat and if you put it continuous pot write missing Now you need to see so choose plastic and holing very many many holes here to roots We climb to well ventilated but Look very thick leaves very thick koreshochki they therefore tend to store their tissues moisture wicking and as a mechanism lose this excess measures the moisture in to lattices that
  • 07:35: often subject to drought formed n l and n is a plug waging a koreshochki a absorb a much moisture and gradually, gradually if we often give Pour the roots just choke on that they are clogged with moisture So the question is how often watering orchid that it It is blooming all year round not Schedule I advice before you decide to pour orchid well, first look carefully
  • 08:05: in the pot if inside there is Condensation you do not water any circumstances, and even If the roots seem you dry when dry even insert the skewer inside your pot Now in this way as when we check whether propoksya shortcake yes and used an hour or two Then he took up if coli can dry water if it is wet or in any way that is inside there is still more
  • 08:35: Moisture her all lack telling why do not bloom orchid widow this mechanism nature that if Orchid flowers in it time in their homeland drought for which it flowers to her about or or that is, pollinators never in season If the rains do not fly we fill orchid it does not bloom He is going to the second the time required to that she was a bright diffused the light that is growing
  • 09:05: it will in some dim place but will not blossom yet that we have not time Grease fertilize if we see that growing let the newcomer here are leaf koreshochki it's growing roots fresh brand forming sheet this orchid can be watered with fertilizers through the two or three weeks, you can it stimulate let's say I water once every two weeks she
  • 09:35: I stubbornly refused to bloom I shall water her every 3 Time and again the men in stimulate month waterproofing if you orchids in dry able to deliver Sink into the dark place and hold it about there are two to three weeks It is stressful huge like Once it gets to light it He begins to flee produce and roots and flowers and even children you say that it is not can be entered directly a year-round break bloom well normal for orchids
  • 10:06: look and find orchid bloomed and He stayed spike may turn yellow and dry up if flower stalks are not left alive and we'll have so it simply shortening about how to do it shorter than I used to be I cut off all dried up here on usually end there are living kidney who tend to still bloom but I do not do because see already escaped very high if it will bloom again the it will be here so icicle so I take and when you see a garment j lo
  • 10:36: gemmule sleeping here here and here and here would at this point I did add on but above the cut-off spot necessarily need put 23 centimeters in the US it quietly dries up and the can and kidney when dry why like this method would be very like these to orchid steel more propagated some disk hybrids are multiply very easily they give radical rozetochki you when Transplant take her
  • 11:06: separated and in sadish separate independent pot under unfavorable conditions it can Shots peduncle that is, a sprig flower place will rozetochki Leaflets this case, we to wait until it was 23 koreshochki somewhere size 6 ie centimeters Such was the length disconnect and sadim in separate pot is that orchids very large and it can overwhelm
  • 11:36: that's just a god barrel very big in this case look aga Now a full-fledged a good piece of paper he I can still serve do it like this ready to plant He was put separately and the second plant see this one the spine is quite that is viable Now we remove the rotten part and it is planted it somewhere in a year I I think one release or two little children to be
  • 12:06: full-fledged plant that is Still waiting may have even in a year industrial conditions up here this tiny grow three years When is such to us Orchid fall like Generally it is already years not less than six and here why they are so expensive are well, and we're We began to replant orchid we'll take the same small pot in large pots Orchids do not need put in koreshochki in Basically I'm good Again we put try them here
  • 12:37: hoist means and I suggest a stem base put under necessarily a cloak to our Orchid never closed a foam is very quickly dry out in Basically a lot here the crust is not necessary but it should be large pieces large I sadila orchids when I transplanted it and that's so carefully filling all holes tried pritrusit mother did not you need to have to be emptiness necessarily
  • 13:07: remember that we drill holes if I have it growing in the pot it is possible to any moment repot orchids can be transplanted into any time I shkodnaya chaet code and I they are transplanted year-round means it turns orchid it may blossom repot orchids it can not bloom better and of course all same period of Spring is just now it is already possible to think about Is that the hero can should be transplanted and which costs less watering because I understand that violation of basic this is what we do
  • 13:38: too much love and Pour to find and planted with voids Now that is filling tightly-tightly completely not necessary pour rarely