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Roza Kanzashi on Afinka (master class) \/ DIY Kanzashi Rose - YouTube

Roza Kanzashi on Afinka (master class) \/ DIY Kanzashi Rose - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello my name Anastasia Kulikova in this video we will do just such a rose of satin ribbon and attach it to the Finke us to create a rose required by cod satin ribbon the size of two and a half centimeter 6 of 28 cm pieces and the size of two and a half centimeter 5 centimeters the number of five pieces tab to make Rose wrap edge tape and glue it over candle is the same and will do the reverse sides
  • 00:35: Here's a petal from we obtain from two and a length of tape half centimeter 6 centimeters in the same manner make a petal from two and a length of tape half centimeter 5 cm
  • 01:08: and that we have done 24 petals large size and 9 petals slightly less Now do green leaves for our future roses For this we take width tape cut five centimeters and length 10 cm and a narrow segment Band width 5 millimeters and a length 12 cm add the tape together face up and roll
  • 01:30: in two fix tape make a point warmed up soldering iron now you need to spend soldering iron on the angle square to the center of railway line it turns out that's a leaflet Do the same and on the other hand square
  • 02:08: and that of the segment Tape 5 centimeters ten centimeters in We got 2 leaf just us It requires 8 pieces of leaves do bud To do this, take the exit one tube small petal rose previously causing the adhesive strip on the edge of the petal
  • 02:33: attach to resulting tube two one lobe against another till
  • 03:10: Apply glue to the bud and attach it to the leaflet a
  • 03:35: another leaflet attach a second bud straw a circle of felt diameter of 6 centimeters glue leaves the order that you like and
  • 04:33: And now gather rose very start with petals more size six first layer petals
  • 05:03: a pasting the second I noticed that the layer petals horse crawl abroad products in one word prevent therefore I bit finalized petal wrapped its edge
  • 05:32: six in the second layer petals are needed glue between two lobes first layer in the third and fourth layers also at 6 petals and glue them too between the petals the previous layer
  • 06:06: but a fifth layer four petal
  • 06:36: up to this point, we used pussies ki big size Now of five petals make smaller bud and attach it to the roses middle
  • 07:10: Rose will fix ready her on the dressing and Fink which we did a previous lessons to go to it, click on picture you You see on the screen
  • 07:39: work is finished the result I was very I hope it has pleased the video was helpful for you to thank you for viewing and creative success do not forget comment on videos and put their assessment invite you to my group social networks in these groups are created album would you You can place photos in their products made in my master class to
  • 08:00: goodbye