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  • 00:00: problem prevention and treatment of early forms vascular brain diseases It has a great socio-economic value because these diseases are not only a serious risk factor development of brain stroke but also on their currently significantly degrade the quality of life often decrease earning capacity population but so today we We will seek to address this a daunting task in this to us today will help Yoga instructor Vladislav awe Hello Vladislav Urus Now of course no no secret that
  • 00:30: so many people do yoga this notion hidden lot types of yoga and I want clarify what you represent hatha yoga more just words tell us what it namely practice differs why you it can be selected This chance you then say so imbued either you consciously and then medical aspect this practice masses Hatha yoga have a talk this practice directed
  • 01:00: aimed at worked with his subconsciousness consciousness by working with That came to the body and this practice I started deliberately sufficient external types of yoga outside is all that simply magical one physical form Practice something like fitness well, it's called Yoga is one of the species yoga Here she is called Hatha Yoga that
  • 01:32: translation firm and Soft ie balance just what With regard to medical Topics This simpatico simpatico pair then what we today will say that is it its management body and management vascular to himself in other words, but that's that is, in other words, Yoga helps Jurin helps people relax one on the other hand hand to keep himself in good shape when it necessary and rejoice fulfilling life
  • 02:02: because the program in We are not long-term I ask you and workshop some to lead us here to show Example come to you human he had never practiced yoga for some useful exercise in the first place and simple, you can to show him and all It depends on the very topical issues he is here but since we have the theme transmission in itinerancy offense vascular disorders to the main brain are the main reasons
  • 02:32: is hypertension atherosclerosis and osteochondrosis but that we talked about bad habits here if not to take into account but what is already here ie increased pressure clogged vessels and boys with problems problems with spine just because the head blood enters the brain four large Trunk
  • 03:02: sleep artery 2 and 2 vertebrates and they are just through the neck and they are here statistics known what cervical osteochondrosis most prevalence guards droz here he order ahead of for example, when all the my suffering now Nastya thousands Hondros so that's why if we talk about it so I then of course man show and Now, too, show the first exercise which are necessary with cervical osteochondrosis how to relieve the pain and it is left-handed
  • 03:32: headache anywhere Consequently headache etymology of the cervical osteochondrosis just is a chronic overstrain top up muscle the back part of the trapezoid and the deeper muscles ie their constant compress it is referred to the fact that I I keep yourself in good shape that is, in such a emotionally I understand the state I can not drive successful active
  • 04:02: any action to so a person's so here it looks continued here tension tightens constantly vertebrae but it's okay means specific the action that is necessary You need to make sure also out of here eg not to start the most when a simple man years there has voltage just pick up and let go of it it can not because it was him associated with him this voltage therefore available to him
  • 04:32: this voltage transferred to another Well, that is the place to take and create tension the opposite that's part of the chest Now I will show an exercise that is always tension nape of neck accompanied voltage upper back and often it is hence It starts here so we need here to remove
  • 05:02: stress as the most simple exercise that that can make each is worth at fours and try maximally to move away from the breast sex that is, I maximally pull your hands kitty seems to me here is the emphasis since we work with upper back not on the deflection of the middle and we lower Fortunately yes and at the very top part of that is when you feel
  • 05:33: feeling stretching the top back then there muscles between the shoulder blades It means you do well that is the best thing as far as it's possible relax your neck and focus on how to maximize to move away from the mat at this voltage permitting flexibility but it is not so difficult exercise same thing again already on the straight legs there I am applying shoulder
  • 06:03: forward and palms Again the same thing it was just more physically intense action min's funds more effective faster and I am trying as much as possible round it upper back maximum pull Vlad hand we are now adjourn literally a few minutes with us Traditional pause I I want to stress that the Now at first glance, what makes it vlad it is very easy to actually to comprehend long right
  • 06:33: performing asanas need work out always with instructor to Yoga was good and so few and so continuing work with and improve the elasticity of the neck artery we will assume that the We released it global voltage yes again I remind you that we are the maximally stretched in the blade different sides maximally increased here But after the distance
  • 07:04: we look at feeling in the slot in the neck if you had painful some any movement it is strongly reduced or even pass it there we start with very gradual and Modulating the has a slope of no more Because you but simply to strain because now you You can have some the degree of growth relax firmly needle under its own
  • 07:34: weight falls hold out chin to chest hold out chin ideally Because more there's nowhere to lower But when the head is not will be obstacles that It is simply to attempt relax and led itself down as a we spoke in one of the previous programs it is all the work on the x relaxation for to stress I did not come back to me We need to learn to do at this level voltage as
  • 08:05: I can do conscious action conscious voltage on this level has subconscious I will not stress its all to hear and I will understand or strain yourself relaxing here here all the same I up to a certain level in I fell head for own weight After this I I put my hands to and the top three second attempt raise the head but
  • 08:35: hands do not allow there static muscle tension back and then hand selected very easy to let go This check let the there are a few hours you look It left there the newfound returning freedom action has been still the same then side of the head relaxes It refers to another side and the same
  • 09:05: fix the result those that already have here Your head remains you put a hand that is pulled He took power intense but in brief one to another side here and this to harassing pain and remove stress these exercises if enough talk about