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  • 00:00: our conversation will go of creative agriculture if you dare Go to surface tillage and undertake ploskorez it should be remembered that This will require you to restructure thinking agricultural worker give up many stereotypes and kidney representations weeds insects other inmates your backyard and garden teach actively use soil
  • 00:30: improve or sediratnye plants Other new approaches and techniques and so ploskorezy in my economy in the course of such basic model actually ploskorez Fokin has two of his size and larger smaller big I bit pereinachil make it more massive handle with He takes his own not sustained load broke sharpened blade with
  • 01:00: the two sides at the base It has two holes You may be able change the tilt angle here's another blade hooks one species ploskorez swift there is no more sizes and represents two sharpened at one and curved edges blades converging in sharp nose mounted on the handle bolts and also has ability to change blade angle hooks if necessary adjust to specific
  • 01:30: requirements owner sick the top handle It makes it quite strong tool which can be used on heavy soils healing like a hoe hoe yet one species Swift its constructive feature moving straight Besides its blade double-edged blade treated special way we are able to very but it is sharpened if you will not get Genuine fake author's model
  • 02:01: attached to any handle suits you size for you see basic Start working methods rezom most reception surfactant and loosening according ideas supporters without tillage the land must be loosened to a depth of 5 and 7cm the underlying layer should remain opportunity intact work ie the stepping on virgin soil but because of garden beds can not walk
  • 02:31: banned some boards friable proximal half ridge beds moving in between dirt and before reaching the edge We go to the neighboring between the ridges and Derry the reverse side of things friable second side ridge clipped the soil surface with weeds a couple of hours can be go all thump thump 2 weave such treatment stimulates the the soil and the awakening Weed growth through one to two weeks before planting garden
  • 03:02: cultures January 1 cheesecakes went to increase repeat processing and do not we give weeds the possibility of rapidly develop clean hard if the top 5cm support very Exactly the loose an underlying layer by by his capillary structure always It will be wet and the roots of the plants you not reach water full development This layer will also be contribute prove mine on media section
  • 03:32: air-to-ground and can th grow to penetrate the soil tenge taxes are not will evaporate about therefore friable only the surface the same method for more accurate neat movements can be carry out weeding and trimming weeds between rows of plantings began to grow It should be white wood louse care tools the blade tip can be Do look down most of it completing cropping
  • 04:03: weed turn to alignment the surface of the beds matter of great concern when the surface exactly a pad soil per se It is becoming enough effective mulch and air saturate subjacent layer moisture from below will not give much evaporates ploskorez possible use for remove feeding dresses and long-term other harmful weed grandson action as a hoe from the window
  • 04:41: ploskorez as possible to make the beard sowing seeds before duty wheels and landings buried crops for example seedlings leeks or If cabbage sprouts planted in deep furrow will be easier it then spud after sowing seeds close up a furrow climbed leveling Liu Now let's see how
  • 05:27: It works quickly it is the most swift suitable for trimming weeds adjusting the aisle tilt angle lick can be achieved the required depth insertion more or most surface fails unscrew People extremely ranks example cabbage internal Region well It ends with the usual ploskorez but it is necessary to keep the land outside the ridge less handy It comes to the rescue
  • 05:57: Swift besides them You can also do almost all operations then as you wish for taste but so is working 3 Siberian moving his best apply for
  • 06:28: processing between rows less danger damage to cultural landing yet sharp knife main as soon as possible for the required special care and care I gape slightly not something that is clipped it is necessary to work with him it is necessary to catch him feature step movement apply that give a chance a movable blade so the work on the my short jerkily it's easier to trim and Stir model lets go very narrow aisle Demeter truths summing
  • 06:58: the result can be said that without as soon as possible for the hard comprehend and master receptions creative sitting farming establishing a new attitude man to the ground and promoting him to development of wine approach approach to life cooperation with taking into account the environment Not only our we ought but its needs and interests cooperation as any better she confrontation It saves the life force
  • 07:28: either side and returns forgotten our understanding of age integrity of all real life middle, or we all their different times and contradictory manifestations teach wisdom responsibility shows that people came to creative path farmer begin grow up and it becomes worthy call person