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  • 00:00: Gritsenko and years KC has become increasingly to reflect so the fate of the of mankind of Ukrainian but practically limitless source as he himself called it opened eyes and the capital of the new roads today seriously studying the prophecies Commission on the earth cataclysmic pole shift ideological shifts some of them come true now but it must be said that he Liver considered prophecy absolute truth and repeatedly
  • 00:31: He stressed that nothing is completely can not be prevented predetermined only opportunity much depends on the free will of both the individual and the entire of mankind if he shows good will and try to live in harmony with the laws of God will come true the best of all possible options for its future because advance humanity a new era of if the fate of Russia tied it ever was indifferent to Russia in the midst
  • 01:02: Stalin's tyranny, he says Hope comes in the world of Russia I'm not the Bolshevik Communists Liberated from Russia it will be years before it happens new religious Russian holidays replace the last in absolute District Court for many years This demonstration of the TV tower together with the more pronounced
  • 01:30: after 20 years, this country will not even memory but soothsayers Tyumen in Russia will once again be a free country if the result has shown after 20 years in the country It started a peaceful revolution I saw on the early twentieth century, the future Russian corner Optina elders their predictions for the fact that at first Well about a very difficult period is
  • 02:00: associated with Revolution, its consequences and then Russia necessarily reborn it awaits a great future and that the future of the profitability of your news Russia with a yield of Russian people it is very, very good agreement their prediction copper session which Russia Russia saw no hope