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Video subtitles:
  • 00:19: the first part of the video we you knit bedplate and torso chickens and now start knitting
  • 00:30: the chicken feathers I have broken the sexes I will knit the same thread so I do not I outlined and now connection columns I will go Now yes that's it of the loop as we knitted remind Now we have four such
  • 01:00: pigtails is we knitted 4 rows of rear Now the wall of the loop we will be under the loops are seen provyazyvat columns with one sc of which will Balan consist sit I will go for a loop pigtails and then Air knit 3
  • 01:30: loop for lifting that replace us column one sc and now this I knit the loop column one sc and below pigtails we provyazyvat 2 with one column
  • 02:01: each sc loop shuttlecocks better undergirding the underside part as it will more convenient and more like that of
  • 02:32: singing now I'm a part of loops that was left us provyazyvaem two column one sc and so were binding on circle knit so the circle columns with one
  • 03:00: sc dovyazav number to the end we join the third air lifting loop connective loop and now for To feathers were more such air Curly we knit another series about a knit 3 air loop next st
  • 03:30: knit a column without nakida again knit 3 aerial loops and next st column, without sc and so we continue to knit to end circular series of three air hinges column, without sc 3 aerial loops
  • 04:00: next st provyazyvaem column without sc and knit so until the end of the circular series and here we Knit the second row which is knitted 3 aerial loops and column, without sc Now without breaking knit thread connection columns to
  • 04:30: the following chain Now this quietly pigtail will not can be seen by the fact that shuttlecocks very lush
  • 05:18: passing loops of blue introducing a hook under the one of the braids and then repeat starting provyazyvat
  • 05:31: number three air then loop the same here about knit a column with one sc and then also under introduce chain hook and two provyazyvaem
  • 06:02: in each column loop chain then binds I try second row those aerial loops and column, without sc and so on we should get 4 points on 12 could we have a third chain and the fourth provyazyvaem until the end of course very consuming activity but
  • 06:31: trust when you look at a hen that very nice to her and touch it worthy to had so work and so dovyazyvaem spiral until the end of a total of 4 points and this beast finished 4 shuttlecock we thread cut the white
  • 07:01: thread but no longer need and and neatly and hide then seamy side shaft Well now you can to begin registration chicken first sew small eyes this place publicity as you want
  • 07:32: us about like this one side and the other at sewing eye It can be a little bit tighten thread then get here Here is an expression muzzles face our chicken So you see a little I pulled thread and so
  • 08:00: sew eyes hen sewn eyes and who do not have beads eyes can survive black thread or stick cooking and now we are with you associate beak hen take thread yellow colors and as usual first ruling initial fix
  • 08:31: fans continue to knit chain of two air hinges and now in the second loop of the hook knit about 6 columns without sc 1 at home
  • 09:06: 34 5 6 the next row will be provyazyvat such way first we knit loop with column without you sc
  • 09:31: here is provyazyvaem column one sc and no gray bar nakida then tie two connecting columns 1
  • 10:07: two next st provyazyvaem column sc without a column one sc and a column without sc and
  • 10:35: Again knit 2 coupling loop 12 Now we are ready to love
  • 11:01: strings that we we do not need hide neatly refuel and gather then take a needle insert yellow thread and came Yurik sew Now the cry is sewn now we have make one of
  • 11:30: important details brown tie scallop We take this thread red and knit primary fixer loop with then join we will take from here and go here
  • 12:00: join neck and knit about column beznakida then associate 3 Air loop 123 is
  • 12:32: we have turned so here are a couple and join here here join column, without sc further pro knit 4 Air loop 1 2 3 4
  • 13:08: this we will central part to love and join here's a column without nakida here we Knit with you two sticks knit more 1 2 3 a third air
  • 13:32: loop join here here join column, without sc so we knit with Here are three arches further deploy our chicken and now under
  • 14:01: arochki about knit connective column and three column without nakida January 2 3 and Presents pro knit connective bar following
  • 14:33: arochki we knit beneath it connective column and 4 column without nakida 1 2 3 four and one
  • 15:01: connective column here we It remains one couple and we knit her connection column 3 column without sc 1 2 3 and another
  • 15:37: foliage connector and then attach all even started knitting connect foliage
  • 16:03: Now we thread cut off the Spread your Schaub you thread we mentioned center head and red we will hide the thread inside chicken
  • 17:54: a cake with us turned
  • 18:02: Well Well pretty nice we got chicken hen I hope your your crust result of the work you Here, too, I was pleased these two crusts Now I've got to I say goodbye to you and to
  • 18:32: See you soon yes species