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How to open canned food barehanded - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: hi yourself sales window Gregory at this time I I would do Video response to those who saw my a video on the open not the ends of cans different ways a lot of wishes me to this tin can with his bare hands in this I just want to tell you this show how we could have done in Currently I there's my own in poite was such brown porridge its meat processing plant rightness bank opening bare hands and thrust not using anything that you would have been less I'll take clear hours
  • 00:30: virus in fashion so I I take the seam and this seam perpendicularly I do the deflection in the bank neatly January 2 fingers formula of love lamaze very easy in this direction but even win to stop there on all It caused a mother I do I take the fingers lock neatly somehow that's I make money even chest cell
  • 01:00: Now this place in this place Bank of inflection very weak now becomes me to do the same most fault with the other hand fingers neatly pressed just exactly also took on the other side so there is something or something like that for a long time Now if this is how there will I liquid I think you are crazy enough so that the liquid which either itself sanctuary a little shorter Well here we have porridge so do not be afraid
  • 01:30: Now there is nothing to do such a thing of God Now our way to birds scared Vinci vkusnuypirogek there be a part 1 and neatly frequent movements We make two servings cereals I certainly understand that Many right now are comment on it Now they say and you try it opened condensed milk students like that if I had you open and zalyu
  • 02:00: to the thread where someone anywhere but unfortunately sometimes there are cases when people have canned food they do not know how to open just lose, the case Of course there is time more often at'm in Komsomolsk-on-Amur Take this situation plus it here may be all no problem that is how to find any adaptation which can be open can cera q blue mandrel help ochechnik one happen somewhere that's sitting channel nova roof and black che do benefit
  • 02:31: it is all the emotions with very you had a jackal Gregory just good while they wait your comments look at my page can be You find Shchuchyn interesting to you till