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  • 00:01: those who are interested cooking, I invite on your kitchen today I will cook cakes with kefir for this I It needs kefir 2 eggs tablespoon Sahara half teaspoon baking soda teaspoon salt and So begin flour pour yogurt on
  • 00:38: pour here happening then stir pour sugar salt
  • 01:02: baking soda and then pour the flour gradually
  • 01:34: flour need to fill so much that a thick dough when you carefully you can mix
  • 02:00: knead the dough here is my dough Get it now I I lay out on the table and will knead table sprinkle with flour and Put the dough she should not be
  • 02:30: too steep and We begin kneading
  • 03:05: such myagenkaya not It must be nice to the touch as you can see it all quickly with test no fuss no I have got here
  • 03:31: I had such a dough divided into two of the one part here I covered this plenochkoj possible remove it in refrigerator if you even want to do tomorrow it will be of very good product are obtained and this dough we are here this is now piece we are We roll out and we will form patties the dough is very easy rolled out it is possible to prepare
  • 04:00: virtually any fillings which you only love today I will pies with apple jam apple jam I cooked my own I have my video recipe very nice and jam obtained a dough like this Roll out is not very subtly and hope pirozhochki we will lush
  • 04:30: Now we cut glass here are circles as you can see very just not separated from each friend each circle spread Jim
  • 05:18: and begin to sculpt cakes These are the pies Now we blinded them we will fry I warmed up the oil in
  • 05:31: pan and omit cakes presented with cakes
  • 06:01: I'm the one hand their flip, almost 5 minutes and not swam and we can they will hearken pans pies are ready, you can proceed to the Tea Party Bon Appetit