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  • 00:00: hello friends today We will prepare belyashi kefir became about such a simple but very tasty recipe here means we need stuffing minced meat can be any we then ground beef sour cream yogurt flour it means oil cooking salt soda sugar pepper all
  • 00:33: is to taste two eggs 3 and onions let's cook separate bowl we pour a glass yogurt in it add a teaspoon soda spoon slightly peremeshaem and set aside
  • 01:01: to somewhere in five minutes Now at this time while she settles in separate bowl break two eggs tablespoon of sugar
  • 01:33: teaspoon salt and two tablespoons vegetable oil all good peremeshaem this time yogurt foam
  • 02:02: soda slightly wait for the dough He defends a little bit bubbled all note add here our a mixture of eggs and sugar vegetable oil add 3 cups
  • 02:31: flour knead the dough
  • 03:04: talks too small flour Glacier spoon still add a cup this dough should It turns out not much visible Now get out of it.
  • 03:40: until prepare filling means prepare the filling spread in separate bowl finely chopped onion chopped onions with three heads
  • 04:00: Of course, we hasty had the two heads Luke add a spoonful of tablespoon of sour cream salt and pepper to taste and all this well stir in this
  • 04:31: Prepare the filling sprinkle flour board and take a little test
  • 05:10: legs can ask Why not roll out rolling pin, in principle, not necessary because the dough everything is so soft becomes quite still comfortable
  • 05:38: So heated pan on medium heat, pour vegetable oil we will fry oil have glowed and spread bilshe pan lay down holes
  • 06:26: Daria until golden brown lower part
  • 06:31: turning as fry the upper part of which will lower until golden color we were all themselves get
  • 07:04: cook very tasty Shank Bon Appetit