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Very tasty and fast pizza on the test without yeast and eggs. Healthy food - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello to you Visiting jelly foxes today I am preparing a dish that I'm waiting a year every year I I am waiting for this summer food because season and fresh basil and always very often it is preparing simple pizza but vegetarian with a simple test without yeast, without eggs that is it is not very fast I need to grow up and
  • 00:30: generally at least cost time Well here and stop it yet say probably give cook and less went to speak First, we are preparing sauce for our pizza to it cool down while we make the dough in the first all you need clean tomatoes from peel for this I flooded them boiling water They stood there a couple of minutes and then
  • 01:00: flooded with cold water that they have cooled and Now they can see very easy to take off skin cleanse those here are my tomatoes cleaned and stalk cut off and now I have them we shall cut small pieces here
  • 01:34: pomidorochki my I include chopped fire and put it that's such a small pot because sauce will only one pizza I do not We need a lot and immediately my tomatoes We went there immediately ambassador and add a little bit
  • 02:00: I have basil herbs oregano mixture of all Italian herbs 6 I will read some oregano basil chayper onions and garlic, select all that you like I pack a little more about I like to put it, and such once rubs his hands that they have identified essential oils to Here it is better to smell
  • 02:31: I felt sit down olive all Italians always do things differently, they first heated olive oil, then toasts to him garlic and then are tomatoes but I'm like when garlic added to
  • 03:00: After you no longer retained here such flavor and taste, and he longer feel Credit herbs I He added generally very lot and you are there yourself decide how you I prefer where love lots and lots and adding them to the beginning to they are well warmed all my tomatoes will bask somewhere
  • 03:31: 10 minutes and maybe 15 until they are completely soft not to stand So our friends tomatoes boiled somewhere in 15 minutes they are well softened then I plumped blender, it became so mushy as you can see now I am their Taste you need good rasprobovat solve What would you add me Now I want to add
  • 04:00: a little sugar because that the sense of taste just salty and all So schepotochku you may want to put apple vinegar look like You want to taste It was such a sour sweet salty so to delicious It was and still I add crushed garlic I have a whole 5 garlic cloves I like when
  • 04:31: garlic good feels we do not like that he It was such a strongly felt so we are still in the his hot sauce put stir it remember that's even a couple This flower has just Turn off the heat it I see friends made a very soft good dough finger is a reference to that I'll let you in the description of This video and the dough It called curd
  • 05:00: kefir and somehow Senate one of my favorite dough and for you a lot of things using Now it is ready I already sliced sliced tomatoes sliced Now such platelets mushrooms mushrooms have grated cheese it uses the tell a fake mozzarella say so that is, it is not the currently, pickle
  • 05:30: Italian material such as more cheese in not much salt and it well suited for pizza because we this is not quite classical Italian pizza is just not this very critical Matheran fit here is excellent and my the sauce has cooled and home ready to use I use baking so big and I make pizza round I do completely on All the oven so rationally
  • 06:00: I use in the the oven so that it had more he smeared me so good grease-lubricated olive oil and floured where it is not convenient I just roll And so his fingers spilling and all so much faster and better thickness of the dough It turned out well, somewhere
  • 06:31: half centimeters by plus or minus does not know exactly half this the number of test is kneaded here 200 grams of cheese 350 milliliters of yogurt and there are 700 grams of flour here is half of that test even half I postponed tomorrow I do the same pizza I always do it very convenient Well one pizza It is always
  • 07:00: few always want repeat them well smear our sauce add up mushrooms so beautiful right in the stand to more I always fit I cut at least in the course of like adding sliced one folded and then second third because they have size Different never guess how old are you mushrooms I need so
  • 07:31: Now forward sliced this is how we are all beautifully Now I have laid little dishes a little bit of this and the same principle I spread tomatoes documentary We listen and posted now I'm a little bit strew still our
  • 08:00: herbs's Basilica so good rub the between your fingers to it distinguished aroma and at this time I had heated oven I did I put on 200 degrees and pizza go in the oven already well heated even I want about cheese we can already say Now sprinkle cheese but I did not really Well, when the cheese here strongly baked this becomes
  • 08:30: it becomes rosy such plastic It is not felt here the cheese flavor so I'm a pizza baked somewhere minutes 30 when she was with fully ready-baked in last literally 45 minutes I sprinkle and and cheese and send in oven for another few minutes later he pays me I get it as in a puddle How do you like package make for yourselves All ship in oven so my friends pizza Bake for about 30
  • 09:01: maybe even 40 minutes in the process and tomatoes mushrooms a bit empty juice and This do not be alarmed okay first she was covered in juice but have to wait until the juice evaporate in here Finally, I sprinkled and and He melted cheese already I got it and cut and decorate basil is the an important point in my today expressed basil this way he
  • 09:30: It looks like you can see it froze on the same principle I froze like a mint I filmed this video I leave a link in Video description for those who can not see you might be interested just pile up leaves on the pizza very tasty and you for in fact he adds this delicious fragrant Note to the final this all this
  • 10:01: first 4 this base he very fast just a minute he will be the soft and such as would be alive by oneself That 's my pizza try experiment Comment Write like you get the opportunity to have
  • 10:31: You have your secrets fast cooking and tasty pizza Please share and Bon Appetit till