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Relief elastic band 1х1 hooks Knitting by a hook the Lesson 17 - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today tell you how fit gum Crochet 1 of 1 relief columns to start knitting we collect a chain of stitches and provyazyvaem first with a number of columns one sc Further provyazyvaem 2
  • 00:30: air hinges recovery and begin to knit gum the first column we We will knit convex the next column concave
  • 01:01: Thus, we We believe and convex concave columns Now provyazyvaem
  • 01:47: convex column facial the next column convex
  • 02:20: concave again convex concave
  • 02:59: we go rezinochki even recruit the number of loops and we have obtained We start knitting with convex
  • 03:29: and finish give way convex bars we are studying Knit at the fifteenth
  • 03:59: lesson a concave bar imposed Science 16 in the end of the row
  • 04:32: provyazyvaem post with one sc Here we are knit 1 row Third row relief columns to start provyazyvaem and started 2
  • 05:04: aerial loops hereinafter as a series of 2 begin to knit your farted column and It seems a little calves easier because you already already seen where some bars provyazyvaem
  • 05:34: over convex knit columns convex on concave knit a concave and bars convex concave
  • 06:14: I will repeat how to fit a convex column sc is a river is found under the column previous row picked up Working thread thread stretch to 2 circles petelechki we do sc provyazyvaem 2 and 1 2
  • 06:44: a convex column Now concave sc kryuchochek in front of a column with sc previous number of picks worker thread I reach out hooks 3 petelechki sc with provyazyvaem hook 2 petelechki sc and more 1 2
  • 07:14: we continue to knit alternating convex and concave bollards so I rezinochku
  • 07:52: I apply when I see field hats of play
  • 08:24: rooms again convex column 3 column necessarily pulling thread
  • 08:55: when a hairstyle sc that they have You were beautiful smooth recent provyazyvaem normal column with 1 sc so we get rezinochka related relief columns rezinochka
  • 09:25: 11 where alternate one convex column 1 front bar a concave underside the next lesson I I tell you how to fit rezinochka two by two meetings