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  • 00:00: hello friends today make a cake jellied chicken pan us You need 3 eggs 200 grams of sour cream behave chicken breasts but in the preliminary decoction means mayonnaise vegetable
  • 00:30: butter flour as pepper to taste as usual a pair of heads carrots baking powder and onion greens we here dill and onion let's cook chopped onion Now semicircles sliced ​​meat meat It can be cut as the you feel like you want
  • 01:00: straw like cubes it should be noted that the meat does not necessarily that there was a breast guipure general any chicken easy They usually lay tougher than all rest of the body one axis wants
  • 01:31: use softer Now other Th rub on a coarse grated carrots pan pour oil and fry the onion as usual to gold Here we have the cheek Now fry
  • 02:03: add the carrots and also fry him somewhere minutes somewhere in 35 minutes Put the chicken as a little fry
  • 02:32: slightly browned or add a couple stolovok couple tablespoons sour cream season with salt pepper to taste all horoshenechko stir and Whether you choose and
  • 03:01: Now add green also horoshenechko Shuffle all filling us ready Now will do test case Put the dish 100 grams of sour cream floor
  • 03:35: cup mayonnaise well also we had our wishes the subscriber more precisely said composition and look so 100 grams and to be reminded about hen there somewhere 400 500 gram chicken ravak
  • 04:01: break the eggs here the same in any case, the composition ingredients in a sure you can always look at our blog on my link which always It is under any of our video we
  • 04:30: always necessary duplicate when the exact composition of all mix well add 2 teaspoons spoon of baking powder board includes a 200 degrees and add two tablespoons vegetable oil We sift half glass archer
  • 05:15: horoshenechko mix all a little watery and closely all mold release vegetable oil
  • 05:31: tank well, well and pour somewhere well half of the dough on the bottom align Put the stuffing
  • 06:08: we align all neatly and laid on top rest happiness
  • 06:34: neatly as smoothes on surface little difficulty what little dough sticks to the spoon well, that's all ready send it in the oven 30 min Well It took 30 minutes here so we turned pie now we have to vynem
  • 07:01: the form and see that there's is in our section cook pleasant appetite all the best