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  • 00:04: Joseph Stiglitz, every time I'm Vladimir today I want to give you further attention in Slovakia very hard with seafood to be referred to simply as for this purpose salad, we need for apple lemon Yaroslavl pepper tomato cucumber peeled shrimp salad comedy Boiled pocket steel salad olives herbs and olive oil for refueling
  • 00:31: soy sauce salt sugar at the beginning of January, Gazprom expects help later 6 then the sale of goods for the house and seafood very easy to clean apart from Tavares may all for which we can be your pocket
  • 01:01: be this hard Presiding water for three minutes, I water can add widgets bay sheet salt to taste and three minutes Karvachar ponds Now for the pickle and seafood for this we need a sauce a little salt sugar and olive oil This was stirred
  • 01:30: we add to our but with vegetables then salad I think that in the world Now chop the apple clear the cancer from the skin also cut into bags draw and add defense tent they will disrupt the fact that Then when Mary Morales Salakhova calculated from the knife and if it gets on Congress is not fluffy now we need
  • 02:01: issued only lemon salad Pour this olive oil and mix Izhevsk decorate with lemon xbox deal cut into slices Maslenkin paste be harmed for the last straw was the fact that when Popov something good appetite from the state budget
  • 02:44: including complicated