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Gymnastics for eyes across Norbekov

Gymnastics for eyes across Norbekov  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:03: Gymnastics for the eyes runtime these exercises it is important to your mood Create Facial smile correct posture and create good mood runtime exercise not overwork eyes do not forget to blink the first exercise keep your head straight
  • 00:30: not throwing back look up into the conduct ceiling without voltage mentally continuing movement in towards the crown and eyes down without conducting mental stress continued attention the neck and on perform 8-10 times every direction ready to correct mood and went
  • 01:00: eyes up and down and up and down two times, and Three six April 5 July 8 again 2 three four five six seven eight
  • 01:30: Well done blink eyes the second exercise eyes conduct left stress-free and note taking away left ear eyes right conduct and note taking away right ear mood went Left Right Left right and one-two-three
  • 02:06: four mood five six seven Eight Bravo again two three April 5 6 7 8 Well done blink eyes
  • 02:31: following exercise look left look we translate just watched right view we translate directly go smile posture left just right right mood one two three four one two three four
  • 03:02: one two three four Well done blink eyes following exercise clock face present before a great clock face perform a circular eye movement apples do not lower your head do not throw back and begins to move circular eyes
  • 03:32: slowly enter Noting view each on an imaginary figure the dial in any areas not to cut corners moving eyes exactly in a circle without much voltage 810 passages in one direction and 810
  • 04:01: passes in another direction fellows do not forget about your mood do not forget pro female smile with each pass putting feeling with each pass putting their mood
  • 04:35: Well done blink eyes and now the same an exercise but a little different person We aim for the sky and We begin to perform same exercise 810 also passes in one direction
  • 05:23: 8-10 passages and in other side
  • 05:35: the most important thing is your mood Well done blink eyes and now the same
  • 06:00: exercise only closed eyes eyes shut Head right as 8-10 passes in one side
  • 06:41: 8-10 passages and in other side eye movement make burner
  • 07:01: to each movement brings you maximum fun with each lifting passage mood fine fellows blink eyes entity is sent to the sky eyes closed and 8-10 also passes in one direction
  • 07:57: and 810 passes to another side
  • 08:10: do not forget smile add mischief for children by doing exercises
  • 08:30: perfect blink exercise eyes butterfly eyes open correct correct posture a smile on his face well during execution exercise head must be still working eyes only muscles during eye execution not exercise overexert mood glance conduct in the upper left
  • 09:00: the bottom left corner upper right corner in the lower right corner angle and drove with mood and 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4
  • 09:33: but now in the opposite aside and one-two-three-four-times two three four raising mood one-two-three-four-times two three four fellows do not forget
  • 10:00: blink after exercises turn to the next at the time of exercise doing this We exercise with you Draw eyes sign infinity or horizontal eight go several times in one side then the other side creating a sort of every eye dance
  • 10:31: passage raising mood and in another direction does not forget the smile personally finished
  • 11:01: move birth blink eyes following exercise I correct smile lifting posture mood draw eight went a few passes in one direction several passages in other direction without voltage pleasure
  • 11:31: Well done lads Well done lads, and another direction each pass strengthening its mood of whether that blink eyes turn to
  • 12:01: the next Exercise this exercise assigned to work the oblique muscles of the eye Look at the tip nose to the tip of your nose squinting follow it exercise with humor now we are looking forward Just a note to Noting hand peripheral vision items that They are located on the sides you
  • 12:32: fine and now look at nose squinting eyes and now look and forward focus side of the Do that now and the third on point between the eyebrows Now right and peripheral vision
  • 13:01: looking away and tip of the nose to go hand tolerated hand in between the eyebrows hand with humor tip of the nose transported to the sides sideways eyebrows in the side of the nose tip
  • 13:32: transported to the sides sideways eyebrows in the side of the nose tip transported to the sides apart bridge of the nose to the sides great do not forget to easy to blink eyes fellows go
  • 14:01: further relaxation for eyes the first exercise butterfly sit comfortably straighten shoulders and close eyes eyelets Daughtery chat, create feeling relaxation in little eyes Imagine for a nature
  • 14:32: remember these lads Feel strengthen the relaxation eyes and remember butterfly image as if to waving wings remember this image
  • 15:00: fine and now not slowly slowly open eyes and easily We begin to blink centuries as butterfly waving without wings voltage Well done
  • 15:30: exercise on someone at the watering We fix our posture create a smile on face lift mood and Warms palm rubbing them against each Warm up your pal palm perfectly gradually rubbing his hands raise their stop rubbing palm do cups we place one the other fingers
  • 16:00: tightly coupled and cross our forehead on palm centers should be opposed eye covers cups his eyes try to make light I do not fall under the palms sho before the eyes close by palms send the feeling no heat from the palm to
  • 16:30: eyelets give relaxation through its eyelets mood These their feelings its eyelets would never sky tee and throws back muscles relax the eye relaxes muscles century
  • 17:01: create a feeling like eyeballs relaxing slightly go back Relax jaw and face time compressed language in limbo a position to shoulders slumped hands without elbows voltage
  • 17:33: slightly dissolve in sides muscles of the whole body relax handed those from the palm of your eyelets and heat feelings fine and now protecting eyes closed quietly lower your arms
  • 18:03: strengthen the relaxation Eye create a vacation throughout the body in order to would relax call image nature still remember
  • 18:30: not yet, and that you experience while Outdoors for the same It would be easier you can relax gently rocking from side to side allows the body allowing the rest eyelets relax and rest
  • 19:07: bravo and you rest slowly quietly open eyes pull yourselves and say bean an exercise Transmission
  • 19:30: feelings through eyelets hands eyes closed do not lower your head and do not throw back to rub the beginning rub the palm of your hand with joy to palm become warm fellows to sum up the eyelets index averages the fingers of both hands perpendicularly directing them to the eyes finger tips to
  • 20:00: eyes stop just for one or two but a millimeter thumbs up not touch We pass through the fingers his feelings and warmth eyelets add their feelings
  • 20:34: fine and now lose heart and Warms palm rubbing them against each pal hands gather in fists and medium-sized large phalanx Keep your fingers closed eyelid is not touching the eyes and on distances one or two millimeters and through
  • 21:01: middle phalanx thumbs peredaom their feelings and heat fine and now not lose heart slowly open the eyes Well done