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  • 00:07: admit someone from You dream about Ideally flat tummy how many times we began to rock press and threw the and sometimes painful and useless procedure but the problem not only in our laziness we just do not know how do it right abaya girlfriend then they certainly knows Meet Anita Lutsenko and cook to do exercise with her greetings expensive when feralya
  • 00:30: I see more things because you know that you now have to Loads that will do finally we We learn how to make Proper exercise on the abdominal muscles and is It does not mean that we We will do just conventional twist Strangely enough but we We start with the run that is you have your own system ideal to press to get hold beautiful belly need not only swing press need to do preliminary several exercises scarlet, I will show you 7 complex exercises that Takes 5 minutes, and he
  • 01:00: really efficient and ready yes so our first Exercise is Becks lift knee we set ourselves hands and Nadia end you should set become wet only then I know that you I did everything correctly I will try to understand you will make ready We put one leg and We start running with high-rise knees every time touch zones and we run one minute Besides that we included muscle belly perfectly still and as a bonus worked
  • 01:30: leg muscles and we We descend breath exhalation pulling upward exhale down and the second well exercise it again still connected with their feet hands on the waist, and we We will carry the leg ahead and to step in front of is like to We face some obstacle and we We must through fracture of his leg can still be a great to do 20 times a foot and the other 20 times set knee can slightly bend a little
  • 02:00: overstep the bottom yes leg perfectly still every time we raise the top leg we switched abdominal muscles remember this stop just swing conventional press on the back stop this doing so great the first exercise running one minute the second exercise mahi 20 feet right 20 left following exercise helps everyone who was pregnant for two week fully reshape his belly girl who was
  • 02:30: pregnant almost all is we We need it exercise this really well to we must take stretch his arms in hips do deep breath full breath exhale here the past air drops We hold our breath and very very draw in the stomach during inside so that we straight left abdomen below their ribs much Aldo Make no breath full exhalation
  • 03:00: hold your breath round back in price Vlad's right hole We get such strongly strongly gone well, here inside again Breathe in here is little exercise it really help clean up after yes such mean and bottom belly just two weeks but every day you need to and perform it will help The second part exercise we do a deep breath full exhalation We hold the breath draw in the navel lower back and pasted five times pushes out such biting movements
  • 03:30: It called pump again make up 1 hours otdyshites rain you can hardly catch my breath keep doing more just breath long exhalation breath-holding on stomach pulled in inside push and stuff 31 54 have fully stand up well yet wet has slightly Come next my exercise My favorite is the strap thereby we exercise strengthen the front
  • 04:00: abdominal wall, and he again not It looks like you are milled forward descend down set hands you can do as a on the same on the palms elbows, we try immediately difficult variant the palms We set aside one back leg and the second leg and But in such a situation hold a minimum of 30 seconds except hands work here It works fine stomach feel all tense legs belly and buttocks only head a little bit
  • 04:30: dangles but you can still exhale retract the stomach again inside pull up to eat well then we go on back and we all We used to swing a cross the most common way when the legs stand shoulder width apart his hands behind his head, and we but when we rise we are doing the exercise thus we very much activated muscle legs and abdomen but not that we will do, we join feet together knees to the side and
  • 05:00: We get down on back hands behind his head and and it is important in what distance from the heel Pope and I just to be comfortable stretched internal hip surface waist tight pressed to the floor and exhale very, very we slowly We climb up better to make ten but it is very time slow and quality than the 100 but quick remember this blades try tear off the floor completely lifted waist while pressed for fine and go down
  • 05:31: well and finalizing another option first press the exercise I call brilyantik but because that the shape of the legs is very like, and the second exercise with 2 brilyantik rely on dec 2 lift your feet up little pops We at the ceiling, return back to rises to the top floor excellent and omit Down apologize my hand up try less who does not roll back more top
  • 06:01: even in the ceiling exhale up about excellent all knees time aside more twice and another time we have criticism We do all of ten times in the super Believe it slowly quite difficult so I have simply not and is the last Exercise is my favorite I exercise actually only this exercise I am considering a
  • 06:30: press crimp plan you this is my ideal favorite exercise because it makes no cubes press it It gives it traced oblique abdominal muscles and belly looks quite womanly feminine and strong Prince corners and quasi-called wasp waist, we Lie on your back scatter hands parties raise knees bent We went upstairs omit one side arms tightly pressed to the floor and rises to the top
  • 07:00: omit to another side I'll help you you wet sump hire a array oligarch well descends and We return to center namely cycling obliques not legs and hands neck namely abdominal muscles We do wasp waist waist these carry 20 times great so we done to you Kostenko exercises worked abdominal muscles direct transverse and oblique we
  • 07:31: We made all perform complex you spend all five minutes and believe I will be the result perhaps there to just to walk and to strengthen the press has all I'll be here business is that a great deal It depends on the posture if you say sticking stomach forward it is likely that you too much bend back or if too the rounded shoulders belly hanging too the bottom is lower than it is here posture and how
  • 08:01: need to correct straighten your shoulders and little clean bowl forward belly automatically tighten see here you stand in the rotten back once we falls belly because we have small of the back overextended belly respectively relaxed to We do the opposite tightens the abdomen and 1 contractible in a waist We immediately appear press and so let go in that we can position walk all the time
  • 08:31: turns to swing Press your beauty Thanks to Anyutochka health I loved to do exercise and summit though it was not easy to take the trouble and go perfect press that's what we need youtube hello now we you will move here if you like then our video leave your comments and for those who dream of beautiful figure at the bottom there is a button subscribe so Press it and be the first person to receive a video will slimmer with us