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  • 00:00: Hello today offer you a prescription again gentle and simple in cooking carrot cake prepare the dough 250 grams of carrots clean and my rub on average grater add up in a bowl in mixer bowl Put a 3 eggs whisk at high speed until
  • 00:31: white fluffy solid foam without stopping pour whipping a thin stream 150 milliliters vegetable oil there is no stopping add whipping 300 grams of sugar sand in a separate bowl mix 160 grams flour and 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon baking powder a spoonful of cinnamon
  • 01:01: sifted egg-oil mixture add 1 teaspoon of salt and carefully stirred one direction to of receipt homogeneous dough adding to the dough grated carrots 60 grams of roasted Big on broken walnuts mix
  • 01:32: you Put the dough on a baking of 30 40 centimeters lined with paper Baking and oiled and bake in advance preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius about 20 minutes readiness check the wood stick We take out the finished cake from the oven and give
  • 02:02: cool prepare cream in a bowl, pour 200 ml cream fat content of not less than 30 percent add 3 tablespoons spoons of sugar 2 teaspoons spoon vanilla sugar and whisk mixer until dense lush cream the resulting cream cream in three steps mix with
  • 02:32: two hundred grams mascarpone cream ready We proceed to the assembly cake cooled cake spread on wooden board easy to remove paper and divide it into three equal parts collect cake alternately promazyvaya cakes cream daubed all sides of cream cake cover toasted crushed nuts
  • 03:02: cake decorate the top picture according to your taste and imagination, we draw melted chocolate using paper kornetika rabbit with carrot Carrot is a very popular affordable and useful product There are many dishes where carrots is the major component on our website videoculinary.ru
  • 03:33: or in Russian videokulinaria.ru you will find the recipe carrot cutlets carrots recipe Korean and other interesting recipes composed inspiration carrots you good luck