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How to prepare a biscuit for rolls - YouTube

How to prepare a biscuit for rolls - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel prepare yourself biscuit us required 150 grams wheat flour 150 grams of sugar 4 raw chicken eggs teaspoon baking soda quenched with acetic acid and bag vanilla sugar We called proceed cooking sponge for the seat of sugar mixed
  • 00:30: the festival has even adding Athena by adding gates both
  • 01:00: happen then chips NOTE water introduce half of the flour and repayment of the loan continue beating Nahum itself to taste
  • 01:32: continued In a minute beating our and discreetly and dough ready baking blanketed with Paper for baking and half of the dough our prepared spread on trays will include evenly distribute to environment put our
  • 02:00: biscuit dough in heated oven got embellishment Celsius for 10 12 minutes It took 12 minutes quad not on our biscuit rapid
  • 02:30: [music] paper for baking and quickly I turn off the gold Roll this state insert Island An hour passed our biscuit completely
  • 03:00: cooled and ready use all Thank you for watching if we put the huskies like recipe subscribe channel all good so far till spread on remove the towel our homes here
  • 03:32: [music] turn off tube and leave cool down