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The extended loops "лицевые" (down) Knitting by a hook Lesson 24 Crochet: Elongated "facial" knots (down) - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Welcome to this tutorial I will show you how fit extended facial loop for I start typing chain of the air loops and for convenience provyazyvaem none number of columns without sc 3 Knit 3 rows knit air air lifting loop provyazyvaem column
  • 00:33: without sc and now We will knit series elongated loops introducing a hook under the base loop previous row grab working I pull on the thread hook the two hinges Left thumb hand picks Lower working thread all the threads under
  • 01:05: hook and enter kryuchochek the same loop foundation capture work thread stretch more just picks up working thread and stretches across three loops on hook we will repeat kryuchochek under the previous loop number of capture worker thread I reach out
  • 01:35: finger of the left hand great grab worker thread and pull and enter hook into the same loop grounds grab working and the thread is pulled and again grabs in working thread and stretches across three Loop the hook yet just insert the hook
  • 02:06: capturing the working thread We pull large left thumb bottom picks a thread We introduce the hook in the same base loop intercepting working the thread is pulled through We do loop again
  • 02:36: sc and thread We spend three loop from the hook, enter hook base loop previous row We apply our working thread on the hook I pull Left thumb hand bottom We pick up the thread and pull and
  • 03:08: Cole kryuchochek in this the base loop picks working the thread is pulled and we do sc stretches across three loops of the hook introduce a hook loop grounds previous row We apply our working
  • 03:38: thread and stretch and Left thumb arms pull the bottom of the recession thread allot finger in law all the threads under crochet enter kryuchochek in the same loop grounds picks working I pull the thread do sc
  • 04:13: and extend a thread three consequences cheeks so knit up end of the series persecuted Prishchep
  • 04:53: base loop capture the working thread pulling her finger left hand and a large picks working the thread, pull it right there is not much We stretch the enter hook into the same loop bases all petelechki under the hook strings grippers worker thread hands it to do again and sc
  • 05:26: stretch thread three hinges the hook mated to the end really
  • 05:56: last
  • 06:41: provyazyvaem column without following sc number provyazyvaem columns, without sc and so knit alternating elongated loops and bars without sc Here we have this
  • 07:28: is not that sunny and style and that's on the front side we turned elongated loops which are called facial goodbye you successful and smooth eyelets