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Useful sweets from the Marmalade Fox! To clear skin, to increase immunity and hemoglobin! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends doorpost jelly or heart and we will do today candies are delicious candy and the most very important that they are simply useful miracle they very cool lifts immunity It raises the level of hemoglobin in the blood so it is very good for vegetarians clears gastrointestinal this tract It helps here skin cleansing production of vitamins
  • 00:30: b group is It contributes already there growth of nails Hair general lulu Here's how not to come this is cool with all sides I'm going to show you still it is you understand themselves and why she is so good at the total ingredients from You following me have dried Today, two types of one dark raisins blue 2 and apricots svetlenky apricots so little
  • 01:00: homely I tomnenkaya especially such choose because it is more natural and useful more tips Uzbek dried fruits they are about the most natural they they dried directly so even antiquated method then I have platter nuts good wonderful nuts seeds Here's a pumpkin a piece of ginger root It has brushed off peel on my
  • 01:31: there are today five aloe leaves them I previously prepared and how way when here it is best to shoot leaves those that they are the very bottom old no longer all useful matter they must wash povytirat or just leave them to dried up and wrap in and leave paper the fridge for fermentation in general or whatever it It called I do not know accurately but need
  • 02:00: retain several days to a few weeks Valayal produced some there special agents that we They know the body and general that all the useful is formed then I have one lemon say Washed in place OK have dried cut and I He took the bones of He and several tablespoons any honey main that he was natural it can be so thick already
  • 02:31: candied may It is so terrible it irrelevant the main thing that he was Natural still want say that all all this can you vary may no longer quantity ingredients take no less than the proportions are not here must be followed can prunes use common any dried fruit any nuts that he like if kids do it probably better for them a little pepper take because it enough ostrenkoe is
  • 03:00: But if you will prunes take the note that he many would kill the taste of everything else because some of his go and still Recently, you know what dried cranberries and different such dried fruits like here Dried pineapples Pope but all this is it's not quite dried fruit is Sukkot ie they first soaked sugar syrup and then dried Accordingly, I would
  • 03:30: it is better not here I use the best maximally These are natural as raisins and apricots are not by the way is very very a lot of iron and at the expense them just as well nut we will increase Hemoglobin is even much better means than to eat meat, many say what you need is there red meat to raise hemoglobin So raisins Kurako raises it a lot better for you to know all this business we are now we will grind perhaps in a meat grinder
  • 04:00: you have there some harvester blender or that it were not we need it the maximum fine chop it here we are going Now friends Get I have this porridge Malashka more precisely very fragrant yummy I part and put them such a good jar clean and the dried that no water is It was that it did not deteriorated and by the way I forgot to tell you that all the dried fruits raisins dried apricots I too have been washed
  • 04:30: well and dried here and here from this part I'm going to make candy for I do this is we can say ready-mix I did just like spoons always eat in the morning before eating I drink glass of water and then I I think a spoon or even Here are two of the snacks means take a spoonful of this mixtures of any nut can be assured
  • 05:00: Besides what that hazelnut or tonsils to me today I do not have these because I will take simple walnuts I do such a sweet and hefty sweets yet because I have here are they baskets big enough to know cupcakes there are such Well, that little today I have not proved such Now in a plate I poured my dove it can be coconut
  • 05:31: may be cocoa powder if you such as if you want to Trysil do do the following day it will simply be thicker because that's dried fruit absorbs all the juice they so swell, and she It will be a convenient for manufacturing candy in the general himself you understand this principle all confetti post here and
  • 06:01: you can submit it to the tea, guests can it packed in foil such small make candy pack their foil stow nicely in box and let give it to mom new year I think it really like a useful and tasty gift enjoy your be appetite health and all you the best and I especially want to say that here are candy if you treat the people who
  • 06:30: exaggerated because for each eaten candy then for such candy I I think every time you be glad because that with each new eaten candy you will become Beautiful and healthy the hour of his bloody till Still, I forgot say that this mixture We need to keep necessarily refrigerator I did not I tried to keep a very long time in a week 10 days is all we be sure to eat but I think that the week
  • 07:01: two for sure can lie and maybe a month you do not immediately a large number of can be 1 week a jar can be done not only in the morning it eat because I do not lunch and reach night in total always where you want to yummy remove an here the spoon fine all until