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  • 00:01: Hello, I this Video I want to tell in a nutshell how can mid-June get the first cucumbers real with its fragrant suburban area well for this you need them We need to do a warm flower bed and the things you have, and it closing film at the expense of I warmed within this
  • 00:30: beds below for much faster turns first warming fragrant cucumbers these stores are not Well besides another It can be done supplemental watering We found these jars hull or nurse Bono banks put water that was there excess moisture land that you fall, we do a pit but we That's about the size of
  • 01:00: We see down the flower bed about two bayonet shovels so that passed but by every waste that in the autumn Now all this petty all see the general on video all large number of The images of these waste all this is compacted and
  • 01:30: so to speak Here we watered can behave if one pour passing here have I let prefer composted but this something crude but cabbage leaves there flowers and all sorts of that last year eg part went to the compost this year's compote made here everything else is gone on a warm bed into
  • 02:01: she covered with soil Flee him well she stands as if then spring thaw process begins rotting principle here it should not even touching themselves Carney cucumber that's It's all about weight It gives heat only due to the fact that the rot here and then it turns out topsoil that will have
  • 02:32: your future fertilizer on it place all good luck