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  • 00:18: many gardeners my often requested as a usually respectively I do not know what to do with Where to start and Romans
  • 00:30: That's how this form site is abandoned because that is the first thing thing it is necessary to mow mow the grass here likely to dry more than 100 one of the methods 108 furnace of the labor was
  • 01:02: It took at to begin Getting Started mean I need from the garden I I offer you something soon on the outcome wood material cook It deals with both the groove what about a somewhere 60 70
  • 01:30: it all depends that we will grow because let cabbage The leaves are large, they may cover all everything is done so that more light fell I post here in the first jailed 70 more accordingly it at I will have bed bed too, the case should be so put order three rows say
  • 02:01: onions carrots and beets this is what is done in order to enable the Council there was more to all Russia if it is 45 obtained middle It was marked by the water color than responsible at the edges
  • 03:20: screws who for years
  • 03:50: Now we've got this type of weeds if we just
  • 04:00: put behind the flowers land in the hold so it is in our wedding can therefore map invest but there John is not a failure
  • 04:31: sprout Save this as a that's it for this period Edo I am like
  • 05:06: Well
  • 06:08: da Cruz that is, it is on the canal the difficult task of bulrush salon we have daughter modifying give more Tray micro nebyt Now after at men Pour let them
  • 06:31: Baikal Baikal again outfit one hundred price for a bucket of water without liters 100 grams first sweetness is may be optimized flow syrup and boil then respectively, after as dissolved the shutter at least 20 minutes
  • 07:06: this field off. fly. after I need this useful goods for me to come
  • 07:30: It enabled due to the fact that the land itself I advised this course taught to buy ready-made land that shoulders and so you will have to choose this earth's say You will build a house Now clean it up place shed Here is the greenhouse meat a4 and top I feel this is all our
  • 08:14: that's the way in us switched Well that's the way filled the entire box land good land the country was rich and
  • 08:34: turned to dirt spent Due to the fact that the land I had to look farther It spent about an hour less than 40 minutes one flower bed rarely order length than six meters and 65 cm