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  • 00:00: Hello dear viewers Now you look pretty and popular interesting packaging I like to do Dinner will clip that is cellophane cellophane Dinner will be at the square of exactly two square and here it is easier to make such square simply spread out this role and what Now in this way that is minimized It collapses like a triangle cut off and in the end but when you
  • 00:32: deploy you get square these squares we need 2 such kodak on two pieces, and so we will have it a wee bit ie foot so close to the bottom stem that is all you are to them in the future You see more videos here by way of example have pink
  • 01:02: packaging pink gold answered yes the percentage of gold which then charges but it absolutely does not matter what here is the color percentage can be selected Various current coupe shackles Kirov is these movies are so many but it will also need tape on the ribbon tape also he suitable either as a cheap tape has such Ilienko expensive data dividends on this video
  • 01:33: it is more expensive because it is us Ribbon this green line in the middle of gold but shines All this is absolutely virtually no for such a large critical that there just do experiment m by forging and you will notice that you like that like first of all it is your customers then do ILO see we need to go through the perimeter
  • 02:05: the tape it is possible to pass both Cairo brand for all these 4 on the verge of 4 m the percentage of tape and place the tape and lick and You can also prune no matter how that is We saw so little other resident Bailly and passing next side the most important thing here is not necessary no he is using, you see so Ashton bent stapler eat clicks
  • 02:37: and then entered You do not need to make any waves that is, there is absolutely prosecutor on STE put and by the way the first rail snaps but respectively concert necessary this tape cut off Now see that this is done on
  • 03:09: further it is necessary to lay down our square a triangle and we do ribs to realize that the dawn of brothers ie pass orgy party that is generally all the lower part of the beach Now the same thing we have to do with the other side here it will be the so-called rib which are
  • 03:39: Lithuanians are so different has been called can and the girl and one little corner of the goal comedy name here is all there is absolutely no fundamentally important that as all summer long in the making There is nothing complicated repeatedly pass Skr Pierre that is, because we've got the bank 4 parts of Now what you need is now between them
  • 04:12: also need to pass the stoker You see as it all turns in between data but also acquired the boat to pass once again become the first and basically everything is done fairly symmetrically fairly easy that is a one time issue, I think that as a would be the logic of creation laid
  • 04:45: concept and talk about but rather easy to do only that as it leaves a lot in parentheses Danish Pierre that is here already the same on this advance pobespokoytes ie buy not there and two or three boxes is a whole approx packaging because it will It is one of
  • 05:16: really Consumables m respectively upakovochka already here one ready we will have two of these the second is just the same
  • 05:46: ie there anything else will not that is, we have to do it for such packaging to yang make further boutiques Well So it looks mercedes but there will placed shrine