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  • 00:00: before we made excavation We go to the very fiber box sold in the form of such packages 10 meters or rude not there platformer footage are different We need mulching agrovoloknom black Color was 50 60 I chose marking
  • 00:31: sewing extended it goes wide window
  • 01:01: standard meter sixty and 323 20 singing double double web I then cut a take 320 halved so it turns out cost of get money beginner cheaper defense really is narosla progress itself happened
  • 01:34: arthritis along the length of the is the length of our beds dishes a little overlap for to his prikopat and 30 US to
  • 02:24: its cover our a bed is done your cover funeral Call the land
  • 03:29: so here I am using land which remained after align and remember this a way of the past and anchoring
  • 03:59: agrovoloknom in the garden for reliability then it also resovtseva it spoke of the fist he will still need in order to mark means flower bed next we measure I measure out the 60 centimeters between the beds can be 8 Now do to aisle was
  • 04:29: More begins The next I'm growing beds I do strawberries if you have some their experience please write in comments I want to tell leave your comment or video video in his blog Fabrics will publicly available enjoy doing
  • 04:59: Grow and success in high yields bye bye