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Orange cookies with Cottage cheese + the Recipe of Glaze - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:09: here all the greetings Welcome to my kitchen today, we We will prepare you orange cookies with cottage cheese perfect snack tea so who interesting Stay with me what we need for these 200 grams of biscuits
  • 00:31: fat cottage cheese may be you can skim how to please here I have I scratched zest of one large very orange and as for sharpness I added flavor and zest of one small such small tiny lemon he also will interesting flavor you you You can take the middle 2 oranges have more me here 1 cup flour one
  • 01:00: egg we need 1 tsp 100 curry soda baking powder and a little vanilla a little bit of cinnamon literally tea room floor spoon and 100 grams I butter it cut such pieces to it quickly softened we do mean We need mix
  • 01:31: baking powder with flour that is, roughly speaking mix the dry ingredients and pay attention to terrible noise that have I may be background because shirt looks a cartoon dinosaur Now then here goes add a little bit baking powder he immediately flour mix
  • 02:00: bake these cookies will need at temperature somewhere 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes, but in the course of things I have already clearly to say how much I specifically for him baking time these cookies bake will be at the very highest point of our our spirits and neighbors something crashed so and now we have to
  • 02:30: first will whip butter and sugar hereinafter add to egg and the Russian Federation at the end of vzobem to everyone else ingredients and will kneading the dough so here it is here I whipped dough but it still needs to be additional kneading I like so abundantly
  • 03:01: you see sprinkled juice by hand, in principle, But when you do Cookies do not be afraid there is little to overdo it with flour because the principle of the idea for just after beer crisp qualities in general, should you say Orange Cinnamon is very Matched taste and
  • 03:31: for example there terrific recipe Tea with Orange which Zavala brewed on orange peel and there also I added cinnamon He claimed today This evening liver us think gets going to cheer because my husband, he no longer lover is this type of baking But in the evening
  • 04:00: all sorts of cakes in my expected more video projects on cookies so that fans of such Baking will soon new material my channel for to me it is more convenient I had to work until that divide this dough in two piece debug here the roll
  • 04:30: cake but not too roll out thinly and you can all sorts of special figures molds in order to cookies cut to use in principle can have your imagination here It is such a little thing with ribbed such edges well, do not know how make here so perhaps
  • 05:06: from the molds I only Christmas Because there is somehow in the month of April to do Christmas trees not the asset does not poddevat so knife and transfer on or oiled program or I I use it it impact here and so It looks like cookies and we send them to us somewhere 10-12 minutes at 200
  • 05:32: degree oven I you could even say that really took exactly 12 - 13 minutes, I Bake it all well, not incomplete at 200 degrees I was I do not have but the level of heat So I still I suspect that shake was incomplete and note in you just It took literally another hot look
  • 06:01: attention to what they spite of my expectations were soft look here so here nadlamyvayutsya and this is how Now the dough is very soft gentle that's not a cookie that It has not burnt up to 10 somewhere in the 12 minutes it the most it stands on omate kitchen I owe you say something serious there are new smells
  • 06:30: year as we did not spinning avoid Christmas figures flared smell of a new these, we cookies back and now you can naturally, these cookies leave straight so but I decided still make them pleasant well as it should the eye and the tooth however and I decided to still them cover such shiny glaze from
  • 07:00: orange should still orange cookies until I collect them I want you baking I'll say do the icing Here I'll show you Now I have a jar is such zagotovochka has explained that this those who constantly watching my regular cooking videos probably be I remember that somewhere two or three months ago pee in my clan that the orange with adding
  • 07:30: orange peel and I had cook orange syrup is I have taken glass of water a cup of sugar and began it's all boiled and put there complete such a handful of finely sliced orange peel and is all I have long enough discussed and orange peel completely gave
  • 08:00: syrup all his aroma I used part in what was cooking and Part I here in this Now jars preserved I keep it in the refrigerator is great nothing is not used his second bull month in my going on and means but the eye shadow Site frosting sweet it is not likely glaze course icing in English points this camp and
  • 08:30: I mean here somewhere a little more half cup powdered sugar and at all not so the number is somewhere around 10 teaspoons, too less than 8 teaspoons some water but ordinary This time I decided to half followed vodichku half put this one here syrup to glaze
  • 09:00: mine too was flavored It means so well here here in my powdered sugar and here I have my food dyes, these gel you can take any dry find friend take any match or in a toothpick that's cups separately we must take a little bit
  • 09:32: red red dye and a little bit yellow yellow little more than red sure that we It was a good Orange color Pour here quite little some water and all the same match or toothpick dissolve me I get here in such concentrate reddish color but I hope that he
  • 10:00: still in fact be orange so now take a teaspoon but my syrup again I say I syrup necessarily use it my version of how such while taking two teaspoons spoons of raw and barely cops rush our cog
  • 10:33: stir it very fine glaze quickly freezes on cookies and she brilliantly turns very nice for a long time like that kept see how such a beautiful Hallowe'en shades of orange It turned out well stir it all
  • 11:01: We take a lot of cookie it is not necessary to smear war and so there is no pro longer course knife to do it and we have to work quickly because the glaze I said very dries quickly
  • 11:31: So our cookies ready to look some icing It turned out brilliant straight overflows see very presentable looks aroma and taste I have I must say shirt eats for both cheeks so that all pleasant tea party with new cookies