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Decoupage. We decorate a mirror, using reception of stylish aging. A master class - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear spectators pay win success accompanied by the brave today we have a party art designer stylist Olga raven she can surprise persuade and make courageous in implementing the most unbelievable creative projects Olga raven Hello dear TV viewers today I I will teach you a new
  • 00:31: the original methodology aging does not a secret that there are no dickies of melting widely used in home decor wild and objects Interior and in the wild gift because even decoupage quite differently look if he made on plain on a flat surface and if it is placed on aged but methodology for all are different Of course you know well, a favorite method which It called effect
  • 01:01: cracking or crackles and all try to learn This procedure is rather complicated there are several components but somehow forget and that may not be know that craquelure It is not the only method 100 and it is not which will amazing look with the same decoupage Now this method I I teach you today we do on
  • 01:31: conventional example but this mirror mirror it we all well this thing I do not know yet this is especially design but your help she such as may be the In addition, we require very simple tools and equipment materials I will now enumerate some tools but surely it will paint because that any and decoupage this will be he Today we are sim free paint surface
  • 02:02: must somehow prepared us no ground because this is now the mirror she has made as if to scare antogo we form and it is very convenient for us naturally because that we should not prime but generally if you mirror the other or you want to do box and some a thing can even be furniture primed course but there is no need that the case is, we will already starting to paint and so I said about paints we need two Paint one color
  • 02:32: White is normal acrylic and the second too ordinary acrylic but dark maroon and in addition to this we required course the same time we are talking about decoupage glue decoupage without him but how and what it is the originality of the the method I'm yet no such thing named but now I call we will need Ordinary candle and sure it Long candle is heating may be in
  • 03:03: in such a iron trays this too small fit and she even better and need us apart from this sandpaper but it is best if this sandpaper will be the coarse there is to be not nulevka and edinichka any C grade chetverochku this is is what we wife, and of course beautiful napkin and I I suggest to choose floral motif because it floral motif
  • 03:33: always universal and Moreover, I will show then you can this thing to use not only for but I understand the destination it very the original sense and since we will do this thing very just memorize all stages of because here this technique even aging more effectively It looks than about
  • 04:03: traditional craquelure and then we'll Compare and you will see where as pictures look at what background on what sostarivanie and so you must first It will be your mirror and any other your thing you have for decoration paint maroon paint when the thing dry have to do and the following is very original course you take out candle Ice your candle
  • 04:33: usually something with it personal do not do well there Do you have a candle is a heating you should remove it and evil. They took out a candle and evil. and in different places your mirror especially in the corners by ends well and unite surface where anything and everything is you do spontaneously ie no system in different this field then polish candle surface already painted and dried mirror
  • 05:03: but most of all pay attention to corners because naturally aged things exactly at the corners first of all appear effect and This structure will naturally and so after
  • 07:18: you are on a candle in We will be following stage and now you it must be traveled will again full paint but now white paint and paint then naturally very good dry pay attention to this step is and you do not dosushit and our effect Aging can not turn and here when white paint dry and it was the turn the next stage and Now you take
  • 07:49: sandpaper here the very her coarse displace somehow Sit back to it were smaller you it was convenient to take it in arms but can any wrap a piece of wood this paper to have you had any working surface you someone as comfortable and you simply all surface here a mirror that you kotova painted of course that is it will be his novel the entire surface Wipe here this sandpaper and
  • 08:20: do not let there be no any system Wipe all you do You have probably forgotten where exactly you are on so dark seeds Now wipe the entire surface and it she will tell you where We rubbed where you done and Gorica dark bottom layer, and it will naturally and it will really permanent and you get Gorgeous surface by imitating a helmet peeled and you than your You will see for yourself
  • 08:50: it will be very rustic style on a simply impossible repeat the effect of the candle almost We reproduce it really will awesome rather than by year
  • 10:15: map and so we got
  • 11:16: made old surface see what it the original is bright and effectively and even more catchy than blood or you have already see But now it turn decoupage well, of course you are all well you know that first need cut out pictures of napkins but only for aging effect I suggest you make not classical dekupazhnits carefully cutting out all
  • 11:46: motives and little do both and still decoupage meaning you cut but not too close to the lines figure somewhere cut but somewhere just break off his hands that the paper it will be uneven very stylish look especially But with such an effect aging we took a napkin and partially pulled and now these fragments you need time to bark you this option you know naturally that wipes three
  • 12:17: layer and need to leave only the top ink layer here to that all seek we are two separate it course is difficult but necessary nail try so hook or toothpick it can not immediately but will succeed and we are sure We get 1 colorful a layer which will serve for decoupage the resulting image we put on the surface of our mirror According to deliberate contact composition you can
  • 12:47: put pictures so and that way to see how beautiful can change something, and that's when we like how images are we take the glue decoupage and brush the top Apply the glue to the picture at
  • 14:35: and performs image
  • 15:24: we already flowed almost there decoupage just need wait for the glue dry and our completely charming mirror method aging can be It will have to choose from cover or matt acrylic decorative paint or cover glossy then many and ask how choose the way that matt or better glossy but the question has several answer in a first lifter
  • 15:54: scams like that greater than a second all no chance to actual fact, and all It depends of course on style things that you do if you You do a thing Victorian style to understand something or to in the style of Provence then there better go matt and if You do Chinese Thing you know no she does not gloss will be Chinese style, even if there are all attributes that is, those and your personal preferences that's what affects
  • 16:24: choice of paint and that's when already work will completely finished this is the mirror in
  • 18:42: we turned dear viewers look how it is bright and showy and how this one effect aging very pronounced comparable with those mirror that made with cracelures look after you You must see and the difference in brightness and according to the degree of visibility This effect, too, cracelures here yet you need to look at the and it can be seen here right and then special
  • 19:12: dive varnishes that apply for just such craquelure from on old paintings masters and how usually have shade and therefore again in you will already have yellowish and it is not always possible if you use it was going to do something well, but it mirror look What is trim and poet too old but it has a bright pronounced style so if you love Provence style Victorian style if you like the style
  • 19:42: Shabby chic is this one option you longer fit but it is a mirror longer applies Classicist well or the classics KNEU there are different Interior Khan will look different but what effect aging you use Now take your pick you clearly see difference Well, now, I certainly I can not say for
  • 20:12: Why and how is not all that you can use look carefully at this mirror I would not say that a mirror she called I it universal of indoor unit very much it if you are a kind of Now such dio calla lilies if you do not here's one such mirrors you can decorate your facades hanging lockers and transform your for kitchen furniture day you do that's at least in this
  • 20:42: version of the decor and more if you have such many mirrors but look do they have to be one technique that is their 2 Imagine 468 joined together so is the way already very stylish and wall panels You know such panels discretely as possible such mirrors alternate Imagine that all the idea would be white or
  • 21:12: pink or pink where you so apply tulle your on but will still interesting And now tell dear fans indoor plants and amateur landscape design what will happen if you connect the mirror That's how it's you I think resembles all guessed it reminds flower container I hope in the wall nail can score especially if each
  • 21:42: it's a little cloves a little bit more on the reference and so exactly as these studs mirrors can knock together well, bedplate plywood make a natural without decor just will be wooden and then you will here is a stylish container that you You can plant a rose incidentally fashionable and a tendency to flower and images were together to on container was depicts the flower you just put in the
  • 22:12: container well, that you do not I doubt it It can be used to landscape in the street I you do give advice all the same only cover your crafts boat varnish and then your a decoupage states will forever here see how many your applications interior may come from such simple things and of this universal the module can still dozens of options dial imagine what Only it can not be can connect
  • 22:42: but the very the main thing to pick up perfect decoration and most versatile which win-win turn out at all and will look at any interior how wonderful it just type the rest of the pages effect so that the as the state effect you can see there is a very with a lot of place and name it and even from these modules you you can do countertop to table but then certainly cover glass but it will Of course you understand it is very impressive would be if someone
  • 23:14: will go into the room and he sees a table of course it will be It stunned because unusual moves unusual ideas design is very welcome and just make the interior well or garden naturally copyright so fantasize and I hope my ideas will help for you Well I hope that I am inspired by you at least
  • 23:45: I told many so interesting information that You can up to something Well yes and coerce into Overall, I can that's what you say you are know Our lives depend on us from any themselves little things that in this life occurs as said dye our life actually words we choose themselves because what you do not fits your own hands but I I say goodbye to you with you Olga was a created