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  • 00:00: Hello Girls today to We had guests and I I am going cook a pie with oranges exact I will point out his name in Video title because that is, to be honest I do not remember So let's talk that we need we need this scribble on which at I actually saying the recipe and written 3 eggs so they two oranges baking powder, you can Well, I usually soda baking powder further use milk
  • 00:30: milk will be needed one cup of sugar half cup sugar him to two and a flour and a half cup as a matter of fact cups for themselves to pour all of this and so let so I'll start I put the camera closer to you We were beginning to be seen with the fact that we mix components and so we take a half cup sugar
  • 01:03: but the way of sugar can be smaller and not necessarily directly half cup and so further two and a half cups flour I was always in such sequence doing what I have flour I mix with sugar further with baking powder and only then add something that is not liquid I know how you are doing write not pour leavening agent in the dough
  • 01:36: We get a lot of why do I get enough sleep a bag and I had a good mix Intermedia him a break and baking powder and flour them to this evenly distribute and natural sugar It will also be a good idea if it will mix well, etc. here I break 3 eggs
  • 02:00: I have eggs village you take any because they those with very yellow yolk and start stir the whole thing I'm stir It is such a thing from blender
  • 02:34: and then I pour 1 a glass of milk I, too, like Milk you can guess Well the good of the village we here Yelets can easily get all village on pour the milk and We mix it all business and so mixed
  • 03:04: can to such It consists of nine so here's a little sticky with it got it and actually so is our dough We leave it to aside and proceed to orange to take 2 oranges doctoring with their skin and cut into small pieces and so we broke down oranges
  • 03:30: odezhy and now they will slice
  • 04:07: necessarily need check out not to It was pitted against them then you are caught on the teeth and in general Of course legs legs not very spicy so that Nikolaevich novel from here that a reprimand we can see their bones remove pieces
  • 04:47: must be very small but not very that is, to large they were more or less well, a decent amount So that's what we it turns out like this
  • 05:01: Now it turns out that's This part of the test is well like filling and so girls somehow I not recorded in the general two-thirds of the dough put in a top form We pour a little oranges hereinafter form is here and one-third from the top on something that we were already there we pour the remaining dough well, naturally distribute it so as not to be seen oranges off
  • 05:37: here and so all his We get out of here So on top spread remaining oranges can
  • 06:03: Of course once nice spread but I spread and beautifully and girls Now you can to take out the bones here a little Kostik happened hit top when it It can be cooked will grease condensed milk to but I do not grease but Basically it is possible, too, will be delicious so Now judging by
  • 06:30: recipes I myself By the way, this pie I am doing only the second Just before much is not quite I remember to put the oven on the middle temperature and 40 45 minutes of the last time I Bake for 50 minutes because in 45 minutes I have middle, it was still Crude but somewhere 50 minutes, I bake it temperature leave where some 70 150 who degrees here now and so I set the timer and put in a pie the oven where it is already
  • 07:00: I started slightly I lifted you at the next the-scenes show how he already turned to me and so it will be a girl final result our pies and Now I will spread on here is a small plate So he rosy krasivenky now turned We see it already dish and so he is my looker see how he magnificent and now we eat it By the way girls last month and
  • 07:31: the whole on a baking so if you want can any more retseptiki give you well Now this is very delicious pie here believe me naslovo very very tasty These oranges are very dilute flavor and so thanks for all attention to all until