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  • 00:00: Good day my dear to me today, you with tickets with meat and prepare belyashi yeast dough can be and it is possible in this embodiment with the accelerated dough on kefir just so I them Today I will cook it's fast it's just This is delicious can cook just a few thighs very so convenient start start with cooking meat toppings because she you need at least some time to stand or filling us We need meat minced meat and onion I Grind Now with the help of the immersion blender and in order to
  • 00:30: filling turned Juicy we need to Onion was pretty many visually it It should be about two times less than minced meat for porsche I took this time 250 grams of beef cervical part but Basically you can take any absolutely meat add salt pepper to taste You can here also add spices deems often necessary add minced meat especially milled cumin if minced lamb can add chopped fresh herbs and
  • 01:00: although to be honest I like when minced meat and only meat onion salt pepper All stir and whichever consistency we got meat stuffing it should be a bunch of easy that is smeared no liquid and dry if minced get dry it can add or some water a little or broth, and in the end prepared minced good repulse before you all crushed rolled with meat chops onions and now we must all crushed to collect repulse until
  • 01:30: until we have meat the filling will not meet in a single lump you do you feel much time is not will need two or three Cover your minutes and put them in fridge and Let us dough to test us It needs kefir flour for the beginning I Take equal proportions and firm on flour, I showed you it Sokolnicheskaya with I cook almost everything presented on the site I sift the flour into here is a bowl pour a cup of yogurt stir up of receipt homogeneous liquid
  • 02:00: test yogurt for this prescription desirable take something sour such not very fresh present acid as contained yogurt and not slaked soda which we later add the dough into the heating take-neck take chemical reaction resulting gas released which will serve baking powder to the dough adding to the dough about a third of tea spoons not slaked soda stir and then will gradually stir into the flour until obtaining very test soft consistency
  • 02:30: no liquid is good but keep in shape very very soft beans I have not forgotten salt dough in it, I do not I add though You may want to add a number about where the floor of tea spoons of salt dough it turns over elastic it better and it stretches It facilitates the process modeling Tat result not belyashi get unsalted a compensated due to the filling test kefir I usually I cook on the eye because it is not needed compliance with accurate proportions but this
  • 03:00: all times and weighed because someone possible that the dough is first time I got 220 grams of flour and 250 grams of yogurt yogurt I have three half percent fat passing more Note again that these the proportions are not sure exactly they comply ballpark indicative as flour everywhere yogurt and various different you may need a little more or a little Now I have less almost finished kneading
  • 03:30: see what it out very very soft sticky so well that the same time, it does not flow does not it is spreading the dough is soft dough and referred to as always test after Batch will need to I thoroughly knead will slowly add vegetable oil all we need about two-three tablespoons add oil small portions each subsequent portion after It was doughs previous portion oil and parallel
  • 04:01: knead the dough and knead The test should rather long in total complexity somewhere 5 minutes after the to be between the last portion vegetable oil Place the dough 2-3 minute result should have smooth uniform very flexible nice soft live dough look how easy it it stretches mobile but at the same time it almost no sticky us and to work and clean here is a mobile
  • 04:30: living is not clogged flour dough is main pledge thighs to get soft and airy cook the dough rounded laid greased bowl oil and leave alone minutes 20-30 and gave us remain dazzle them belyashiki fry and so we eat meat filling in We have the dough and We begin to sculpt cakes look dough and stretches
  • 05:00: crossed need directly before frying as filling wet if the blind their pre-dough kings I will form a belyashiki on vegetable oil for that lubricates pan vegetable oil divide the dough is me already 2 linen port chics 1 I fried but this size pieces lose or on the plaque can be meal or on vegetable oil I choose vegetable oil because if formed on flour
  • 05:30: Tanguy Lyashko in any case is a little flour and frying is a flour easy to char becoming a bad feeling here if formed on the vegetable oil it is not a nuisance It happens every piece of dough rounded for this We collect the dough to the edges We must center formed a smooth ball and then This smooth ball crumble cake try to knead dough thus to middle, floor tortillas slightly thicker thinner edge
  • 06:00: if in the process kneading the dough It can resist give the dough a little bit relax then it will be more more supple soft if you so as to form as I am at the same time several Lyashko the the dough has time rest in formation and while I First belle hk reached the first to the last I had a piece relax after how it will be done each cake and I I lay out the meat filling and blinded belyashiki no longer put
  • 06:30: much meat as they need to have time to fry thoroughly but I love when a lot of meat so I put both at least this much and as a result put before little bit more as it had meat that was me taking the last portion and a closet so I I laid all the remaining minced instead distribute evenly Out of the corner of the test must of course remain free and Le Pen Shanks first
  • 07:00: tightens slightly pulling edge test and then we need will gather them crease so that the filling in We had almost completely closed center formed hole sorry I quickly get it done very easy to hand themselves But when we all remember trying to slow hand stop listen with one hand you and make folds the other hand, these bundle the crease We make small as a result, little steps you get in
  • 07:30: the heart is such a neat hole and belyashik ready giving him a little palms to press out the remaining holes Air for to create a tighter fit the top dough and the filling layer plaques will be communicated on many well heated vegetable oil around the oil layer centimeter, and when we spread belyashiki oil should be really not well-heated
  • 08:00: to smoke but it should be very hot here note what boiling over shank desirable Of course not pan I'm overloaded to spread underwear wardrobe is a bit too much it is desirable to between birches were distance at least centimeter spread belyashiki hole down and First they fry very hot vegetable oil until ruddy Then turn led see any typing errors I blushed possible in this way slightly lift
  • 08:30: or h & k watch cuties and then turning We have to fry Ruddy other side and to complete readiness for the meat had time fry after you turned belyashiki We need to slightly lower heat to this country by thighs roasted longer one period can be added in a teaspoon hot grow on oil readiness can be determined only methods cutting one of gel cupboard when suddenly dough and blushed meat that is not yet ready
  • 09:00: there is only one to bring to the oven ready or microwave by extensive thighs spread on paper towel to remove excess fat Inglish left of after roasting feeding such thighs need sang heat because on next day they will no longer be far away so delicious and so our belyashiki ready the way I they got exactly 9 and does not remain traditional wish nice appetite cook it is true madly delicious certainly is very well, calorie which is much less calories
  • 09:31: when something is tasty thanks that were with I watched the video and and all of you that