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  • 00:00: hello today bake cake iceberg who enjoys the same love Sweet in 4 eggs separate the proteins from yolks add proteins a pinch of salt, beat at medium speed to soft foam add 1 teaspoon a spoonful of vanilla Sahara increase speed whipping up
  • 00:31: high and gradually ceasing whipping add 250 grams granulated sugar whisk until dense foam with two spoons spread on pan lined with paper Baking cakes kiss medium size bake meringues with 110-120 degrees Celsius
  • 01:01: about 1 hour 15 minutes cakes should be dry and light ready to take out the meringue from the oven and give cool yet without and baked prepare cream cake iceberg can be used any cream or Oil cream this recipe we we will use Charlotte Cream
  • 01:30: adding condensed milk prepare the cream Charlotte in pot pour 200 milliliters of milk add 150 grams Sahara We put on a little fire and stir to complete sugar dissolve bring to a boil in separate bowl mix well 4 yolk and continuing mix trickle pour hot
  • 02:01: milk syrup return mixture pan We put on a little fire and constant cook stirring until thickens and the pour cream bowl and reserve cool to room bowl temperature mixer at high speed, beat
  • 02:30: white hot 200 grams of soft butter and ceasing whipping gradually add cooked cream and 100 grams of condensed milk whisk until lush but not much dense glue grease every cake and cream laid on a dish giving the cake layers cone shape
  • 03:00: each layer sprinkle fried crushed nuts cake iceberg it's very beautiful easy cake composition which is not included flour on our website cakes and section cakes you will find Other recipes are very delicious cakes in the composition of which is not includes meal such Daniella cake cake You and raspberry other
  • 03:31: inspiration luck pleasant tea and good mood