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  • 00:14: Hello good Welcome to my kitchen today we you will prepare very light gentle air lemon pie protein custard cream this cream I I'm ready to shoot and
  • 00:30: I was already convinced pre-cooked and look at what he is I turned carpenters so how it should be a link to cook I will leave this cream in the description of this video cream we set aside Now aside even better and refrigerator Let us in the meantime listing ingredients test for this we You need to peel 2 lemons 3 medium eggs
  • 01:00: half spoon baking powder 100 milliliters vegetable oil 200 grams of sour cream 300 grams of sugar and where it is 350 grams of flour in the dough We will not be strong that is, it will be pour shape which we will bake no intricacies then no and yes and here yet here it comes in vanilla
  • 01:30: someone in powder me vanilla extract but it makes no difference no step by step stey then no all immediately with mix whisk mixer in tomato weight and more you I show that we to do so, and therefore I am already mixed dough Before she me but this turned out not very liquid at the in Anyway fluid enough equally to
  • 02:04: all you have to pour here I have an oven pre-warmed about somewhere in the 109 It will give 190 degrees bake it, we will fast enough well I prepare to have any check case match or toothpick that We will stick and Is willing to take a look You should be cocksucking so beautiful
  • 02:30: rosy until our the dough is prepared in oven we are Now we prepare stuffing honest I probably wrong to say in beginning of the video is not so much lemon pie as yet lemon and cake Basically, he crazy easy to prepare then here these lemons from which you have removed we cut into the middle such small pieces I will Here is such a whisk out in
  • 03:01: Blender is the place same function is not I remember here sand glass You may take a little less on why I I receive as filling these lemons because protein cream it is quite sweet and these here are lemon and slightly sour they knew each dough other balances Now we put it all come here
  • 03:31: fill with sugar and whisk it was exactly Forty minutes later I was took dough ie rather have Ready cake see how he good rose to be honest it was But with such a so good at gorochkoy the convex there was just me Cookware is stupid She and Art but he little it I failed as well if
  • 04:01: you something exactly and then you put It will be very smooth a chubby pretty cake Now we need to cut it in half to put in it stuffing so let a little even a little bit, and then all cool further proceed to the assembly
  • 04:37: i wanna sleep to begin its outcome women with and without backside darstana
  • 05:01: whipped lemon Defense clothed I will go a little bit not too far calculated and will be enough one lemon one lemon and half 2 cups sugar
  • 05:30: Lemon is a bust but I now keep it here and it is perfectly in the fridge it will remain possible to some sort of cocktail add fruit so that it is in any no missing case product now neatly and just decorate it remaining cream
  • 06:08: send your how you got there tag heater noirot about the exhibition pilenga from the crowd, he
  • 06:34: I do not know chasing god a son So I cut off small Statement piece such as this it looks the dough is very, very gentle air
  • 07:00: a bit like even biscuit aroma in the kitchen should I will have to say this is simply not hold look at what high shortcakes Basically, I have turned I tried to imagine Maybe it would be to into three parts Well here are divided on In fact that's it I hope you like this here Kapoma cake for my the summer will be the most all a pleasant time
  • 07:30: appetite