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  • 00:07: the apartment is not enough space fly of our newspapers needlewoman Olechka Volkov today It will show how to make universal box out of nothing hello my hello dear come here burned beautiful wicker things and itself said the words newspapers and no longer I can combine this that newspaper it really from newspapers that trash
  • 00:30: that we always pop mail box and we do not know that him to do it here application's newspaper it is soft and this thing just as a solid wicker something from vines usually really so I'll tell you how to make paper usually because of a newspaper It has evolved here in a tightly Materials in which You can do everything anything you want learn when look carefully so let us take an ordinary newspaper
  • 01:02: fold it half high reversal is the divide like this in half and we turn again that is, half of us will turn a quarter our sheet Now we need the VC it is cut into 4 often does neat shoes newspaper larger size another format they can also be too most prodelyvat up less - more Depending on what size paper will depend on what then we tubule
  • 01:31: get namely tubes we will do our weaving chop here are Here stripes of them have us and get our tubes and since we do we duct it is necessary wands ordinary wand can for kebabs use needles if it is at home most of which tonic you have it it We put this suit way that we formed area an acute angle is there's no way there parallel and they
  • 02:00: male under way angle sharper than ours is the angle that we wrap the longer will have We have the tube if we make straight angle it It will be quite potatoes and we need tubes different sizes or most Anne and we need tubes desirable the same size but should not be longer than the longer the smaller tube We need them, I neatly We begin to collapse that very plump and very tight presses paper to our spokes or to Our sticks to very, very straight tubes we turned
  • 02:30: then intercept and continue tighten further to end until we have end our a newspaper curl try very very fingers tightly pressed to have it was all one size to the end It does not increase we still have tail the tail we promazyvayut ordinary glue paper and glue and only this area then we take out our wand fact all simple and clear tube ready
  • 03:00: such as we tubes need make such tubes we need somewhere close as 405 millions I heard right before their it would be necessary to make really much to We did a great Shopping cart that's what we want get up to if we less will be some a little basket then according to their will have less Well done, I many such tubes as well as the one basket turn the tube in We are now ready to us It should be the basis of the foundation this is the usual cardboard very very tight
  • 03:30: sticks to such basket us It needs about 500 cardboard and we essential to our the bottom of the ordinary very thick cardboard which may have I stayed just from some unnecessary box and if doses. It left this size doses. US too but we fit in this cardboard have to do opening cartons we We can do it with an awl for conventional nail if the piece of wood we have to take advantage of using our husband to make via opening drill and how many
  • 04:00: holes and at what distance needed we make a number of depending look on what we bottom size spacing should be about two or three centimeters around the perimeter we vent neatly want I want to try try What size should these holes to be actually to go climbed here these our sticks must course there climb because carnations or we sewed is selected so that necessarily put there tube but these holes must be
  • 04:30: at the same distance they but to be on the same I offer here at an angle that take a little less distance to turn our weaving was quite nicely We take our tubes and begin their insert 45 centimeters of our hole bends make let him edge such zagotovochki immediately I want to say Later when our products will
  • 05:00: You can cook it can be painted beginning immediately our tubes to paint in that color we need it It will be more aesthetically pleasing will really this kind of like gash was very carefully because when fully cover all the same somewhere may stick to friend other can it penny some be we choose from their some discretion paint paint paint better paint course acrylic as we she know water it is based and does not smell this can be done in home fast enough and dries It gives our newspaper the density of the fact that it Now this is very important
  • 05:31: downturn our sticks or Vines need to do necessarily here in this side so that is here these things are short We should be in the outer side look well here nothing complex I check it out at own experience the only thing that sometimes bent if it has deteriorated best new further if you broke accident somewhere bent bent but even use it well, It is a start so now this technology
  • 06:00: this is what used in and weaving of twigs yes yes there just using another material about equipment all, too, so take our tube and now take her and bend in the fact that we We should not say happen somehow askew askance we need priblitelno half and its bend what we do Now bend We start in half can any place not necessarily from the corner very important point we raise our stick with the here this second tail that we have there 56
  • 06:30: centimeters grab here and Now cross our one so that was left right left right so we like I would have fitted our these two sticks next to each other respectively stifle and behold we already obtained 2 and clamped exactly the the same way we go on that is here such vosmerochka my overwound our papers seized another full course
  • 07:00: or device or assistant adaptation is necessary Now I'll show you how namely a first layer but We have to do without this device it will okantovochka as if our bottoms and I now realize that Depending on how far Here are our vertical twigs It will be located depend on this our appearance basket that is Netting will either so more dense a more transparent You can also rare to do in between between braids can elicit different
  • 07:30: ornaments you will come and visit just marvel never believe that this did his hands are not I cease to be amazed What next we sticking they have there We finished exactly yes what we do, we take some more stuff and simply paste thus we There are parts of this here with the area is part of the on we finished we have to twist it inserted into the part which is thinner at the We have a party we would undermine We start eating it
  • 08:00: slightly thicker and obtained in our basically endless bars you as we have a after another expose these twigs to that they are well held together we can drop slightly adhesive pva a drop of digging put our thin tube in thicker tube then continued now we have rotate the basket spin it up for To make it rovnenko we need some who base It was equal to the boom Do not do this without base say immediately Fractional not work still us required box
  • 08:30: the same size as our bottom we do now we take our sticks wrap upstairs and neatly prischepochkami Adhere to our it is already at the design We will for sure exactly up it will never have We did not curl the there are relatively speaking it from all sides ladies will belly criss-crossing the tendency from avi into the same box and then I I need to be here that's between them try to skip yes yes it is, we
  • 09:00: we do so only We have continued here neatly like this Now we do wrapped vosmerochku missed tube on if I painted you you can say We began to paint these twigs from the newspaper the paint is dry, they become tougher I will be comfortable weave will weave harder it will already be more like how really you weaves of wicker and How many years will need to weave such basket evening
  • 09:34: then look program and will good this time we hand walk persuaded Shura is not naughty fly baskets newspapers about about 5 hours need for to make 40 series here in this baskets just such More Total 5 hours well is impressive and if you agree trained as it is also quickly becoming a obtained here this cart has practical
  • 10:00: application but also in Basically from the newspaper if gets wet it is all spoiled or not Of course it should be something covered so that we paper was tightly Then one says yes It does not look like it's straight worthless but first we need to wrap up our colors they wish stick let's show how to make it come height we choose that which we need looking for any goals we it I need I propose to do podkrovatny box we did the heights we need it we are doing now with our tubes There are a few I will show options you the option complications and quite easy option option is more difficult, we
  • 10:31: We take our tube align somewhere 10 centimeters we add one and yogi of the nearest tubes on the outside but we have to insert the inner side that's the way of the outside of it encircles our tube and inserted into the the inner side unnecessary part cut and simple neatly glue pva sticks Paper is very a thin very soft
  • 11:00: because between you PVO cream sticks together simply elementary and very fast one option just cut off cut the take pva glue drip droplet and To it we It gripped well and we kept a long time we did not straight clothespin presses 20-30 minutes to the fashion it is well children as well as the this one still We also get an edge
  • 11:30: was folded into this side and there are so gently tip not evident when we wove We hid under this weaving our tips and they but they were in general, and in no It is seen that there is a handle did it all carefully and we also so it will certainly well all finished you with these edges so We want the next stage paint on the need to spend for I have to paint I use ground this homemade best way to to pogruntovat such kind
  • 12:00: box but the thunder homemade, too, not land you now me Of course the primer I called, we need pva glue pour one one with acrylic paint of which light we want to get our box and if before torque is such wicker basket newspapers were practically free pleasure it Now we begin to spent pva glue acrylic paint tell me that how much and where to buy acrylic paint and pva glue we can buy any
  • 12:30: office supply store his big clip jar costs about 8 July acrylic hryvnia paint in this order size we will cost 20 hryvnia for a box of it to us enough that there are about 25-30 hryvnia we go on primer and paint if count how many there is such here Well finished wicker though not from the newspapers you get a basket I think saving time all accurately laptop I I was recently store such basket worth about 350 400 hryvnia quite insolent way
  • 13:00: expensive paper sell start traffic we are the first stain our side inner part we do it to paint sometimes simply can to seep outer part this form droplets and then external party dewdrop itself least for to all these drops to rub their to be seen in important nuance in the twilight starting from the side parts then we but we do the bottom do the second, too, least because of stenochek could something drip but painted wait a bit
  • 13:30: it was convenient to hold hands and Topic Started our foreign parts quickly will this paint dries up very quickly just 15 minutes pva glue it gives opportunity impregnate our paper and make our design enough away here why guys andover until you know when it dries it fully transparent it will be visible only acrylic paint floor and cap straw can weave this way and here rectangular and This round of the round
  • 14:00: all in the same way everything exactly just simply basis we take Round cardboard if you have some sort of a base typically such variant done for some kind of zone out there it can Zones used as basis to beautiful perfect circle but if we do We are talking about in areas with their colors, we will water it too may eventually or soak it water-resistant if they a little bit on the road nothing wrong moisture does not consistently desirable when our tank and wait we certainly will not be and then as we will show once we have finished
  • 14:30: variant where possible store some funny things great It receives a box for toys and more because children principle may the manufacture of such baskets participate which neck is turning gray and weight it can be put even on the wheel metal design will stand our box then I it seems important not to get excited about and understand that after all this cardboard and newspapers I desire sofa braided a I do know that and stools have because such wicker thought that the sofa and
  • 15:00: already in the process of to box could safely move across the floor using part of all usually felt on chair leg we glue it too We can stick a option here and so very quickly quick-drying glue and glue and cover this too is you can somehow make you can cover can be make handle if you feel comfortable from the handle such a move cover how to do if it is not to be fixed what I'm going to show you right now with a cover version Come and lunch baskets
  • 15:36: laundry and here is cool yes so you listen here hence weaving yes here here here from midway as we have been the basis of just what we only started now we are the edge bent up as well and continued Priest gives not even believe that this newspaper on the morning in some moments
  • 16:00: what to say to that When we paint finished design there can be see it indeed newspaper there even bukovki appear and if we paint each individually wand it certainly much will I just I want to find place and show you you to understand that yes this newspaper because but outwardly agree but even believe it and it's impossible here now understand Well here it is hard OK rayed here with this is about to show and here it please
  • 16:30: very accurate evidence it's really made from newspapers can not at this stay course else but how to decorate you see this decoupage normal tissues that we glue adhesive pva and then cover varnish and this is basket that I you spoke to may holes may be be like a pigtail Braided you see how many options to not seen here leading so much to do out of the ordinary newspapers almost
  • 17:00: absolutely free both probably none you wake up it does not seem like it 12 It can be an excellent present but yes only to warn it's made of newspapers you 1 First because she loves close in the second to more surprised and overjoyed we are all in third same as the rules use these items given the fact that they are made from newspapers if wet cloth hold
  • 17:30: nothing with him It can happen dust does not collecting on non we now know for sure what to do with old newspapers