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  • 00:00: [Music] welcome to Volvo of Tempe I'm here today to introduce to you the new 2014 xc60 let's take a look at how the xc60 takes safety fuel efficiency and luxury design to an entirely new level combining the high waistline of the XC range in the sporty contour of the coupes the 2014
  • 00:30: xc60 takes a new approach to exterior design the front features a new hood shape that emphasizes a sturdy and confident visual appeal with creased character lines along the outboard edges the 2014 xc60 also ditches most of its black exterior trim in favor of body color accents which yields a more upscale appearance drive in style and support with the XC 60s Park Assist making it easier to reverse when backing into a space or between two cars as a
  • 01:00: pulsating tone inside the cabin rises to a steady signal when an object is near your rear bumper the 2014 XC 60s award-winning interior is full of beauty and surprises including folding rear seats for additional cargo space interior upgrades include visually appealing wood inlays textile b-pillars and silk metal frames around the air vents and light controls the xc60 s multifunctional front center armrest incorporates several facilities including two cupholders a USB port to
  • 01:31: connect your mp3 player to the vehicle's audio system handy storage space and special recesses for smaller items folding back the upper part of the armrest also provides a convenient table for rear seat passengers it doesn't stop there optional fitted sport seats and a heated steering wheel and windshield are available for those chilly or winter months the exclusive panoramic roof further enhances the experience of air and light for everyone inside the xc60 and to help maintain climate comfort on
  • 02:00: sunny days there's a power operated roller curtain no matter what the season the xc60 s interior electronic climate control ensures you and your passengers always enjoy a pleasant in our climate the driver and front seat passenger can regulate the temperature individually for each side while the rear adjustable ventilation enhances comfort for rear seat passengers for longer journeys the xc60 comes prepared with front seat back storage pockets for extra carrying space and a rear center armrest with cup holders and storage
  • 02:30: compartments ensuring that refreshments are always within reach and small items are securely in place what's most impressive is Volvo's optional senses connected touch system which turns the seven-inch display into a touchscreen control center that could be operated even when wearing gloves users have access to a world of internet based applications such as full internet browsing music streaming and radio google maps and 3d navigation with traffic updates and with three modes to choose from you can personalise your
  • 03:00: adaptive digital display to suit your mood look good and feel great knowing that the 2014 xc60 comes with numerous safety features at 31 miles per hour or less city safety detects a stopped or slower moving car in front of you and applies the brakes the convenience continues with the XE 60s new active high beam control system that automatically shields oncoming cars from high beam glare so you'll never have to dim your high beams again standard in the XE 60s 2014 model is Volvo's corner
  • 03:32: traction control a system that prevents understeer by applying braking to the inner wheels and power to the outer wheels when accelerating out of the corner the xc60 is at home and all terrains thanks to its high ground clearance and optional all-wheel drive combined with Hill Start Assist and optional hill descent control you can take routes less traveled in the secure knowledge that your car can cope with what lies ahead paired with good looks dynamic styling and numerous safety features the 2014
  • 04:01: xc60 is sure to stop traffic - see for yourself visit Volvo Tempe today for your very own test drive for more information visit Volvo Tempe calm and don't forget to like us on Facebook for the latest dealership updates you