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▶ Knitting by spokes. Pattern "Шишечки" or "Букле" (Knitting. Pattern "Bumps" or "Boucle") - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:05: like this uzorchikami we want you share he called different bumps could I I purposely bumps bound different yarn that's fat sample it is due, and of alize superlana maxi
  • 00:30: but this small and thin it out Pehorka children the novelty that is there But if the thin thread look at them they are if different from it looks fine as a mesh pattern if that's good stretched elastic and see width it is well stretches and height also
  • 01:00: very good stretches that is suitable for knitting author jumpers on spring-summer if you take cotton cotton yarns and knit here if you take the fat thread and see what openwork here already and it is not ie pattern seen so thick beautiful it Watch it surround
  • 01:30: on account of very this elasticity a little bit stretched but Now I pull These virtually stretches and tall but a little literally if this greatly extends that this little so I've been out of two samples say like Thick yarn here they are well knit bags wonderfully general
  • 02:01: Caps will be very beautiful for all that the children You may want to knit baby knitting very for him Well join we'll be together deal with this pattern repeat of the pattern 4 is set and even number loops any even let
  • 02:32: We shall find many not will recruit 10 loops we type well 2 edge can be start a set of loops 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 and the edge
  • 03:06: 12 pulling a second needle and start crochet 1 row we facial loop 1 we shoot bead then we were binding
  • 03:30: facial that is, I see for front walls first row all loops provyazyvaem facial further since I'm backing I will knit nonclassical I facial knit for rear
  • 04:03: all past we It is an edge we provyazyvaem seamy loop all first row we knit the second series 1 we shoot bead Now as I said I see the wrong not as a classic say classic grandmother loop Wrong, I see it that's the way
  • 04:30: He captured and knit therefore, you should ranks in my facial the rear wall and I will knit If you are knitting classical classic you grind away like this here grab provyazyvaete then you facial loop knit for the front stenochki so all 1 Knit with us purl loops 2
  • 05:02: knitted boucle we knit boucle injected into the loop right needle grab working the thread is pulled reserve on the right spoke we do sc stick finger again We work hard pull loop sc keep
  • 05:30: finger and back in pricked and pulled out the last loop and dropped to left spokes we Get 5 tabs 3 loops and 2 and 2 nakida Now we return all on the left needle all Our 5 tabs dialed back Now take the thread Spreads on the needle and provyazyvaem
  • 06:01: We work hard here at all 5 loops right spokes pricked in and transferred thread knit purl loop all five loops 1 beech Leszek ready in the next We are talking Wrong Loop back in boucle pricked pulled the noose left loop sc-sc
  • 06:32: reset loop with spokes and left here the same ago now returns We apply our thread on All spoke provyazyvaem Our 5 tabs seamy loop then purl again boucle
  • 07:02: loop-sc loop-loop sc dropped and returned back to this also spoke neatly not return to grab the wrong the loop pattern It knocks you and Now provyazyvaem our 5 tabs
  • 07:30: seamy loop Next Wrong and then we boucle face more accurately loop-sc loop-loop sc dropped and returned to it's needle
  • 08:00: and threw a thread knit seamy loop all 5 tabs and the last we Wrong loop we left edge provyazyvaem it backing and
  • 08:30: pull this way the edges were not strapped We need free very edge do because edge if you edge tighten canvas will we strapped remember because that's when look at samples see very and elastic edge too, that is not tightened edge so do not stretch
  • 09:01: Remember that edge needed slightly pulling make them free finished second row third row distal edge removed provyazyvaem Now all loops every facial loop's off I I said to see for rear wall because that I wrong
  • 09:30: knitting not classical so see how you knit wrong loop so facial not to depend I twist so if you look You see my face it is just is about the rear stenochku here it is Just asking and and provyazat
  • 10:07: and an edge provyazyvaem purl loops and We pull like this way tightens Knit 3 row and now the last fourth row we knit boucle not with 2 loops and 1 Now I will show to
  • 10:32: do not confuse If you look at pattern boucle is staggered You see the first order a number of knitting here, we in second loop boucle and the fourth row has It is the first poet it turns checkerboard right so
  • 11:06: fourth row we begin remove the first loop an edge free to remove and with the first 5 it loops we We begin to knit boucle in pricked dragged Loop left at We made naked again sc loop a loop
  • 11:31: dropped and returned to left needle Now threw working thread and need knit purl loop all our loops together We threw all the following
  • 12:02: we loop purl next we boucle loop-sc loop-loop sc and dropped back Now here it is threw a working summed needle thread under all five loops, and knit backing loops and
  • 12:30: dropped Next Wrong The following loop again boucle loop-sc loop-sc loop and dropped back here and also Now brought needle under all 5 loops and knit together purl loop on
  • 13:03: The following is our purl following boucle boucle comes from through the loop boucle Wrong boucle Wrong way loop-sc loop-loop sc dropped and return back on the left needle We apply our loop
  • 13:31: or rather the working thread sprinkles and provyazyvaem all 5 backing loops Next Wrong loop and the last loop we boucle loop-sc loop-sc loop and dropped
  • 14:01: now back 0 threw labor yarn and knit all 5 loops together seamy loop and last we bead knit backing and dragged it pulled more precisely freer to like me said all report we are knit
  • 14:31: on the pattern and we that is repeated rapport four rows knit then repeat with 1 ie again face loop overturn an edge removed Wrong on boucle and Wrong so on that is here look we
  • 15:00: but these turned out to lid design is very beautiful I am now to you again I show it You decide for yourself What a yarn and you knit thread I hope you all happened smooth loops you all the best