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  • 00:09: Good day today we will deal onions why I love put onions in his cottage First onion completely universal culture that It fits into any dishes well, except that except jelly compote as well as the onion soup and main dishes that is,
  • 00:30: Now I had not much I planted like Umka always miss him so I try to to put it more and now why I did not I love to shop buy onions well leave out the its ecological purity because well enjoyable all the same Of course your ecologicaly clean onions have not only so well because I like that I grow different bows For example here is the bow because as a beautiful he was very red almost sweet as honey that is, naturally
  • 01:01: so we bow we use in the individual dishes which are need it sweet bow but this bow he very sharp sharp go for barbecue for some salads so I have to a bed some bows grows here I let the sweet is sharp and the floor there is an acute try they pick up on colors that are not confused let
  • 01:30: sweet red floor me and a sharp white acute yellow here in this way they I do not mix I can always for some dishes select the onions well and now It left what remained only plant By the way, I'm planting it starting with the early spring because that the bow culture cold-resistant plant it can be as early as April as soon as that's come down snow prepared soil immediately possible debark onions naturally
  • 02:00: previously soaking him to quickly began germinate and plant onions can actually before juneau although sometimes I even and in June podsazhivayut to bow had more I prepared gryadochki Here is such a wide enough for the width of the beds unusually so hand took out a little a little further the middle to have been convenient handle because onions
  • 02:31: we have regularly as a weed at least five times for and the height of the season Best beds I have little about 57 centimeters why low height because I have very light soil light soil and easy it is good soil warming worse at the same time it keeps moisture so if you heavy soil better do gryadochki
  • 03:00: higher especially if soil flooded with rain or Spring habits and if the light soil in general gryadochki must very little to rise above ground That's how the hand is usually I do borozdochki you can do it The sticks can be shovel and now just like this here stick a bow so on How far up not to confuse or
  • 03:30: You already confused and on the contrary it stuck here we koreshochki naturally roots poke down how far it is also very is important because that if we often will plant Onion as a result of we get a lot of greens and the bulb will what little onions will each therefore interfere with other if you grow onion on the greens or are in the process of choose growth onions because usually during
  • 04:00: season summer feet it is usually necessary pulls greens used and onion, too use means It can be planted more often I usually planting could exclusively onions on the turnip foliage never use because on the greens I have perennial onions I have a lot of perennial meadows Welsh puts it this onion chive onion is Slizunov me they no longer like as green because they more children than the rank and
  • 04:30: green onions more contain vitamins more and grow on their own actually like grass special care not requires and if we We will pluck herbs ATS onion is naturally we bulb It will be much less so I grown onions turnip is on the turnip and so now given In order that the turnip disembark here
  • 05:00: about this away as here centimeters seven, depending on the matter what we onion if it little something naturally she to grow the small and distance possible do less well-j if a large onion mean while more here here and so so Now put him so between I have rows where the 15 centimeters or even twenty I I prefer to It was on the free because the bow as all other cultures can we get sick
  • 05:30: ill mushroom diseases and fungal diseases especially in wet dangerous years once Irina culturally we for when she Guschina bad blown when the wind when watering and it was formed here especially such a wet night moist environment so it's better to be on the land less disease way more often onion begins to turn yellow
  • 06:03: and to dry it from disease because they he has matured so if you there is such painful He displays a bow begins to turn yellow early watering it might be worth think about how to avoid disease and avoid them simply is At first ie prevention never planting onions of onions or garlic that is,
  • 06:31: I prefer after planting e.g. Ogurtsova this gryadochki last year born here and cucumbers very good manured land plus I have to planting gave little there is no framework for your glasses To bulbs We formed a good greenery and order then to it I worked on the greens bow myself
  • 07:00: course before landing I have a small number about two o'clock soaked bulbs in disinfectants Trotter disinfectants are substances that and kill the microflora fungal spores I usually their disease buy store but our gardeners often used potassium permanganate in Basically it is possible to this cherry solution of potassium permanganate
  • 07:30: onions work but do not forget to post processing them wash so I treated Now washed planting if you still disease from year to year occur, in principle, it is useful to have been sprinkle around June when it begins already formed your bed of onion onions unless you will not use of green and
  • 08:01: grow and current onion turnip spray one of the allowed fungicides that is, crush mushroom disease fungicide is against drugs fungal diseases here if we will act in manner prophylactically to look we can even in the zone Moscow region or even a Arkhangelsk not grow from here is a simple onion here here
  • 08:30: Well here is the size of the plus to all the that we have grown to be environmentally friendly plus different varieties different flavors so expensive friends grow bow bow is not only a tasty dish but good medicine is not for nothing on Russia and disease treated mainly onions to honey and when Onion sweet almost like
  • 09:00: honey so planted in This year, more sweet onion he