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  • 00:13: wood home my kitchen today I want to show how out this beautiful cook mackerel two classrooms dish who like my family and my friends Valentina such people find because the ball intense
  • 00:30: live fish do not eat respectively, and are not ready in any Store did not You have to buy slip out buy mackerel from we called Chinese district in China's sake so a little chat it is necessary for them a little bit and Rostov First step have to do clean clean all know how but have little subtlety in this case, the magic before this scissors crop the here these here all the roots are well
  • 01:00: plate cleaning NATO which said that it is in response to on and also on the back already I left here behind also cut off the tail and cut off the water in the head cut too I blew a little under angle it means here so before sending a knife
  • 01:32: halves here take the second part floor angled up here This here is cut off one on as clean Internally it a common occurrence when it will clean all show on as prepare the carcass for salting gun dishes will be two which said first This herring home and the second is smoked mackerel city
  • 02:00: conditions as all This is done on the eighth floor for cutting apartment and so our fish and are ready carcass has to wash her cleaned and ready for cutting that Milota herring can do whole carcasses but if I want I talk about this the next film and this we will do fillet it to disassembled into fillets is very He passed along the ridge We do two years 1 and 2, the notch 2 Place
  • 02:32: on the flank insert presses slightly and go along the ridge it turns out here such garbage laid another overturn Conversely, too, we find our address and wring legend Harith because this
  • 03:04: salting will called the dry salting for to pickle our fish dry salting must prepare first mixture I salting and make these ingredients basic salt sugar pepper originating good and went over nothing to always take into twice as much salt
  • 03:30: earlier than sugar use cups right now using electronic scales it is prepared much more than not it is necessary because it is not disappears and then I I can save jars yes more often salting fish already ready means by I blink indifferent as let's say 160 grams poured salt then take 80 grams sugar to paw help is fundamentally
  • 04:00: Now the rest see too, if wrong here and there a little bit it is not fundamentally here are salt and sugar more so as I am cook this reserve this solution the the stock is ready then mix well I take the peas are not
  • 04:31: a lot because which is very, very fragrant and glazik then 30 this smell sweet fragrant chapter salting 8 well live laurel All of this will get so that was good aroma We cancel close powder
  • 05:10: it is the sea itself see how happened It retrieves e-mail OK, you can still less to a little beat larger trap it all is well stir and we get media gas poker and she
  • 05:32: hanging mirror is presents these flavors It is such a mixture of enough so the mixture is ready to fish ready to begin see the first thing makes plastic little container We pour this one here just about you but you do not need
  • 06:01: because then let the juice and still It will be very salty at the bottom so that's how take first here this side can fish on dostochku We take and start salt
  • 06:30: the tail on plastic will be a little less grandfather wounds a little bit more on this side It may be less salt because it is near to lying down and all salt goes there laid 1 laid like that and 3 Now this series salt
  • 07:10: consider that if he will slowly allocated to expire lower rows respectively the lower ranks will be More spacious than top but the truth 12 hours later we interchange fish in the container take laid now here
  • 07:31: so up with a rubber band, and It glorified the same very well here because all the spices in We can help and thus they fall into all gap and evenly
  • 08:00: distributed over chips we all salted overturn We lay the fillet on fillets like this thus usually and there will continue the series and until packed all together so jumpers littered
  • 08:30: it turns out like this it is so jar and following salting it does not deteriorate salt sugar and the spices dry does not deteriorate then covered and We put in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf at 24 hours but I recommend 12 hours to get it all gently lift hands and turn so that's all It faces downwards because lower will be more compacted and good open space and on then lower cn
  • 09:00: draws this and they become tight because it takes up tomorrow in the refrigerator Sandra will continue that It turned everything went twenty hours the river in refrigerator we We decided 24 hours and hold because she already show how it looks like this dry salting herring very plump well prosalivaem these condiments
  • 09:30: Schumacher they will merge well distributed throughout the herring here seen and pepper and Vodicka and Lavrushka so we'll see what it turns out our mid will cut it on pieces and finally prepare this herring cartridge can be store in refrigerator somewhere Well, up to 4 four days quite well if
  • 10:02: You want to store longer right now! kulochki Vadim and put in the freezer then when it is necessary It will be for one night lower in refrigerator and next day will ready and look like so here is a witness So clearly seen spacious and well
  • 10:31: add all sprinkle with the rest of her beam mobile phone damask Gang bang pit sunflower oil Our dish is ready so
  • 11:00: carefully dish already is here so enjoy all appetite and now we shoot a new video both of this herring make smoked mackerel home conditions on floors but because etazhki if Ponca exhibiting many some fish we leave for herring Now the rest we will shoot smoked fish to goodbye