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  • 00:06: Hello Dear visitors our garden world today we will talk to you about reproduction or it is very beautiful flowers and I would like to be garden but there was more to Sorry bulbs worth quite expensive and especially pensioners can not always acquire adequate quantity planting material today I produced here planting material
  • 00:31: Lily that we can assemble your garden here's a look here that the bulb give some onions and here Now scales under bulbs that may We have been accidentally slashed at digging That is because there cut lupus, or to some bought defective planting material can be discounted prices and this here is onion it is all literally
  • 01:00: breaks into here are some here flakes and natural they are dense good throw them a pity and it is good boarding material for the breeding lilies here before just let talk to you about lily breeding scales this year I transplanted his Lily and I formed just Here are this is now bulb it does not is incised injured mice Now here they are so
  • 01:30: vygryzli neatly Her bottoms and cores of most all of this bulbs for the next year nothing at all It will even you. here and use to her times for Breeding can be and this formed quite a lot here just such a look scales is poured and regalia I white tube Lily is very fragrant here we are with them now you use to to propagate
  • 02:00: I made here all we need is I need you clean package paying attention it should be highly pure there for food because it can cause mold when rooting your here these scales here I produced water where we will dissolve here such Here we protectant via I took maxims he specifically created for processing onion and klubnelukovichnye
  • 02:30: cultures here we are now it with you here here is a soluble that's enough vials it is designed for 2 liters of water as a It mentioned in the description of the then blabbed here this turns red liquid also need to temporarily Well, that's the place
  • 03:00: Now the scales are in we have prepared let you go they should have about poisoned here here and hope please its memory and read always description 15-20-30 minutes depending the concentration here they have etched here even such small scales judging by experience give little
  • 03:32: onions and they certainly rooted much here are longer than thick scales but nevertheless even of these tiny can not receive small onions here we are no several experiences where but put left remaining I'll put the scales just like I did and not about the poisoning because my onion healthy here they even look nothing sick and
  • 04:00: is now almost already autumn, I just I cut off this one here stem that is their can generally even without dressing too lay your package but if you bought such bulbs that necessarily sure their I put here the net bag He cooked and ripped in the forest flies better Of course he could take moss sphagnum he is dlinnenky He is very soft It grows in bogs here
  • 04:31: and he has the most strong who recipes properties which means it prevents rot but even here is a mu He is also very is useful because it long retains moisture you want to It will be our scale it has a little bit Here's this zemelku and that's just something that's that need moisture and such a loose substrate for our scales it will help him heels that It takes place during
  • 05:00: that's rooting Such is the scale it forms here Now here she is longer he was here she's it was attached forming the roots and formed maha tiddly tiddly onion sometimes it happens immediately three here on this here 4 But on such a wide Now these and from then on, these small onions can be planted about the need to put them course has the following spring and rooting
  • 05:31: something happens few months and even in winter this can be done at home So we here laying can lay entirely in randomly then when we it's all checked several times over the winter there that was not mold my son with you to avoid any fungal diseases so we it several times that is, to shift no order here absolutely no role played here and so we
  • 06:02: We shift the whole flour ki leave this bag somewhere room She advises him to bury even in the refrigerator not to accelerate to this process in if it does not pass too fast that wrong with it happen quickly if they take root and and onions grown here at you where are you in the winter They were put to you
  • 06:30: will either shine them either put somewhere close to the light and you know we winter and potted Flowers are ie this is not very convenient So I want you show here are Here is a small onions These are small They onions like this Here we will have here here here will be formed roots and these here small small onions here and so they are formed and already then here we have them We separate the right from
  • 07:01: maternal scale there can be planted here and a small entirely on the depth separate gryadochki or in a drawer somewhere where you prefer Here we will keep so here with you 100 put here but you naturally here Etch first and I told her bulbs but if you I want to multiply some very say good grade Here I specifically I bought onion some yes So this is us now!
  • 07:30: the stem is not needed in winter you altogether and we do not care I simply die horsing So I want to multiply Here is the bulb it costs 80 rubles, that's here is a good variety of it costs 80 rubles, I want to me quickly So I multiplied I take and neatly so here I separate pull down here so here quietly so that me straight base not to damage not It broke off here and
  • 08:00: Now you can take these marginal scales for breeding that's all I last flake it will take you can no longer take otherwise the very onion So this is it strongly suffer and these Here, too, the cup I I put here if you want to have you were not mixing Now this course this variety you get in a separate bag and birochku to put issue here bears such as I have it
  • 08:30: stored on the windowsill there temperature moderate neither hot nor cold and here in this as they have me lying dark bag even It may be well that he will not be dark too much light and It is very much fast there some greenness and rooting here these crafty that is here in such as multiple months you are Then you open I see you I guarantee that you
  • 09:00: formed small bulbils that can will plant