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  • 00:00: hi this is Jennifer Hansen from stage diva studios I'm just learning how to use my video equipment to share the skills and techniques required for use in our patterns available for direct download online from stitch diva comm all right fine young retailers worldwide please if you like these videos if you don't like them if you'd like to see something else in future let us know drop us an email at support at stitch do be calm but right now sit back and enjoy the show this is one in a multi-part series I have available on our website at stitch
  • 00:30: diva calm and at YouTube on broomstick lace we're gonna cover the basics of broomstick lace how to work in the round and how to stood shaping increasing and decreasing what you're gonna need to get started is a large knitting needle I use the number 19 in the videos and a crochet hook appropriately sized to your yarn let's get started what I'm going to do now is I'm working into groups of four loops for this pattern and whatever pattern you're going to follow we have our hourglass jacket pattern available at stitched Eva calm and it final retail
  • 01:00: yarn retail locations near you that particular pattern works in two groups of four loops so that's what I'm actually going to demonstrate here what I've done is I've inserted my crochet hook through a group of four loops I'm in a yarn over this is the first stitch of the crochet row pull up a loop and then I'm going to essentially essentially do a slip stitch chain one and now I'm going to chain three and this is going to count as my first stitch of the of this group of stitches
  • 01:33: and now I'm going to do three additional stitches three additional double crochets I'm doing three double crochets in this group of four loops so that with my first chain three and then my three double crochets it's essentially four stitches in this first group of four loops and you can see how the broomstick lace pattern is beginning to beginning to materializer now what I'm going to do
  • 02:02: yarn over I'm going to insert my hook through the next group of four loops and I'm going to do four double crochets into that next group of four loops there you have it my second cluster complete you can see how the fabric is beginning to shape up again yarn over to
  • 02:30: do double crochet you got a yarn over first before inserting your hook into the next group of four loops and I am going to do four more stitches into my group of four loops you'll notice I'm doing four stitches into each group of four loops and that way I'm working even okay I'm not increasing or decreasing and I'm creating an even fabric stay tuned because I'm going to show you how to do increasing and decreasing with
  • 03:00: broomstick lace our fitted jacket uses increasing and decreasing so that it can nicely hug the hips and the waist and increasing and decreasing is absolutely possible with hairpin lace there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible working my last group of four stitches into my last group of four loops and lo and behold yeah I'm done with my first row it's beautiful okay you notice I
  • 03:30: haven't turned my work yet now I'm ready to start my next row of broomstick lace so it's the loop row again loop row crochet row loop row crochet row if you're working even in a broomstick lace pattern that's the rhythm of work that you're going to be following so in order to create my loop row again loop that's on my hook I pull it large transfer it to a knitting needle don't work that
  • 04:00: first stitch okay and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to work every other stitch in the row again that first stitch just a reminder that first stitch is the corresponds to the for the first loop corresponds to the first stitch of the row that's why you don't have to work it and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how you're gonna go you're gonna go ahead and work every stitch of the row just like you worked into every single crochet stitch on that
  • 04:31: first row and the only reason why I'm taking the time to go ahead and show you this again is so that you can see how I work the last stitch of the row because the last edge of the row is going to be worked in the chain-3 which was the first stitch
  • 05:05: of the crochet row you can see here - I don't know if I mentioned it I'm using a number 19 middle based on the pattern that you would be following or based on your own design you can use any size knitting needle that you've want i used a number 19 that a needle from my hourglass jacket design our knitting
  • 05:31: needles we do so many needles at stitch diva calm and of course I really really like the Jenkins knitting needles because they are very long there's a lot of room to fit lots of loops the entire width of the jacket onto one knitting needle and they're lightweight and they're just warm and they're a pleasure to work with alright this is my second to last stitch now I've got a chain
  • 06:01: three at the very end I'm going to insert my hook in that top of that chain 3 ok and I'm going to pull up the loop in there and that's pulling up a loop in the very last stitch of the row and so I should have 16 loops on my hook one go before to group of 4 3 group of 4 4 go before I do so I haven't lost anything I'm working even and then just go through the process again slide off of all of the loops off of my knitting
  • 06:31: needle insert my hook through that first group of 4 loops yarn over pull up a loop essentially chain one essentially a slip stitch through that first group of 4 loops and chain 3 because I'm doing double crochets this first chain 3 counts as the first stitch and now I'm going to do three more double crochets and this
  • 07:03: first group of four loops and there you have it you've already seen me do this before you already know the drill at this point and cert my hook through that second group of four loops do four more double crochets in there now again I did double crochets in my
  • 07:32: hourglass jacket design I could have done half double crochets I could have done treble crochets I could have done single crochets you can get pretty creative on the stitches that you use for your second for your crochet stitch row on the broomstick lace pattern if you're doing your own designs alright and then this is my last group of four
  • 08:02: loops yikes and there you have it watch for more broomstick lace videos I am going to be posting a video on how to do increasing and decreasing with your
  • 08:31: broomstick lace work I'm also going to be posting a video on how to do broomstick lace work in the round thanks for watching