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  • 00:05: Hello dear friends Today I'll show all some magical moves through we bleed the our legs are doing their slim and slender We also tightened Defined our yagodichki and they will be involved lateral abdominal muscles These here are the most obliques are at we leave the truth so that all Now hard try about swinging that they do not knit drawn so let's start with a first step, set
  • 00:30: feet along the foot together foot off the floor is torn off Well about me bent 30 degrees knee and falls the opposite side with the very good stretch of buttocks need feel voltage is constant I'll carry tightens and the left leg the right and lift tear off the floor again bended knee falls the opposite side live and covered in one buttocks tense you can go
  • 01:18: climb nosochek so in the United States is even more difficult You can do just add glasses
  • 01:30: It stands for the floor or even off four middle legs rest the next step involves reduction of the oblique muscles press we tightens new and elbow We get it for themselves We make that choice go
  • 02:09: shrinking on changing new a
  • 02:35: Returns all began above the knee