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  • 00:00: Mars at no extra kilos look if you wear the right all the summer in Georgia with leather appliqué and Peter Smith then can be simple Now very original Hispanic tel put all three rectangle only two lateral ball talking about fencing Ferry sport until pits sleeves found in you could decorative and can add Train gamma flash such a project is very convenient until you choose the best summer cotton
  • 00:30: I recommend pleasant tanks Baptiste coffee color the past week are not as energy patterns add the number to cross stitch all skin bounces a thin lawn Thiers prices rectangular width 130 length 160 cm and then cut it this add up to four times Now Only remove the mark girth You find a central unit lay off a quarter do not have five seats centimeters
  • 01:00: If the phenomenon is not reaching the top segment is only 25 centimeters this line yet entered draw the neck we all know to be sure to find the strength it was for We do it a little deeper neck and we do not know on the skin if the secondary with flower motives we do not know and sew half We treat the edges of the lift around
  • 01:31: Peter perimeter of a rectangle Shabalin then embroider side spy on sleeves are not applied wasting an anti-Semite at Italy do shlopki leather for me and cut them left to do is strip search length of two meters and a width of 25 centimeters to a belt with a thin muslin was strong and
  • 02:00: well-kept shape the question of his short few layers and grasping onto the machine decorate with tassels and accept shlopki new clothes can be used We put on a blouse with a belt and the trousers of power station will not find on Crete walk this outfit better than any diet extra weight simply can not see Olga Nikishin that any Khanuma Dmitry Vishnjakov first channel