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Video subtitles:
  • 00:16: GAS !!! Sweetheart, sweetheart! I changed everything, since you came into my life!
  • 00:34: I realized that I do not need anyone but you. I want to always be with you. Look into your eyes,
  • 01:10: hold you dearly for your beautiful palms, kissing and gently whisper in your ear how much I love you.
  • 01:34: My love every day all the more and more difficult to be without you, because my life has meaning only when you're around.
  • 02:12: I very carefully kept in her heart every look your beautiful eyes
  • 02:40: every word uttered your angelic lips, every second I'm with you there.
  • 03:16: You are entirely captivated him my heart and soul
  • 03:36: and I can not have my heart without you. GAS !!! You know, what is the difference between the blood and you?
  • 04:12: Blood gets in my heart and comes out of it, and you entered into the heart and remains there forever ...
  • 04:58: GAS !!! And so, there was no
  • 05:12: you are my favorite, sweet, willing and I love you !!! These are the pies ... original subtitle author is unknown, but I (Eye Vsezryaschee) confirm that everything is fine!