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  • 00:00: baboum Now in Spanish than the difference here is the the first two rows in this case is knitted very well and third row start knit here such here long pulling down and very nice it is It looks at such tonal transitions color from light to the dark, and vice versa
  • 00:30: how does it fit in but corners also tally a group of column 3 with sc but where we will be on the side group of three columns 1 column on provyazyvaem like then we usually down two It is a number in the case it will starting a chain We pull a long loop and provyazyvaem it as a column to sc ie here elongated loop
  • 01:00: We believe for sc and 3 column knit like usually here here here important to determine how to pull that it is not contractible but not lying freely and We end this row as usual yet I would like to here one color is unnoticeable now I turn light
  • 01:31: and the next row then in general it will be see the whole beauty this square here I changed color I starting to knit the next row that is all we first column provyazyvayu as usual but the second We pull into two series is always there to two rows below pull and knit as column 3 nakida column knit like
  • 02:03: usually in the corner Nothing from nowhere We pull knit Area standard here we are in
  • 02:38: This series of 2 groups three columns on it meaning the side here we will do 2 5 pulling the two leaving a number down pull and provyazyvaem elongated loop like sc next group
  • 03:09: 1 as the knit columns usually we go for two and pulled down a number of knit column column 3 as a sc usually you see that I get due here of broaches
  • 03:39: obtained a color mixing which will be very fun to watch when the square is that is great small squares of this principle it does not make sense to knit it has to be it is not clear but if the large square there is where the May 6 color is go in one the other is to be very beautiful to In order to reduce a lesson I will not
  • 04:09: do I'll square entirely I show it all on one side here we will bind i.e fit at least two rows one color as if the area It is all here again the 23 to
  • 04:41: Down we go. 1 knit a column like Usually in the second go in the yard, then down and pull in the same knit a column with one sc and 3 bar knit as usual It should also be Now do the following
  • 05:11: series and now here we enter into two rows down to enter here between that between threads of our pulling as if we if they broach go one other then that will be obtained very cute and column column that is now here
  • 05:47: seen what happens let this be tying up rap and a color change to end here
  • 06:21: It would like Corner already tell something we have over there washed off connect another color but also I'm not going to change Do you square bind it's a corner tagalog on foot types
  • 06:54: here also knit one column into two a series of pull-down very difficult for my look at this knitting this is achieved to here these here elongated loops were the same height they are about to lay freely and contraction leading pillar of the group
  • 07:25: the first column and normal pull on two rows down and enter But in the middle of a previous broach as the last column usually 3 that is already there has been a the transition to big
  • 07:55: it will be square very beautiful known that here in Generally it is better to knit with more such here are thick and lush nitochek to behold these here were pulling pretty