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  • 00:00: Hi all, with Jeanne you. Today cook biscuit roulade with cream. For the biscuit need: eggs, flour, sugar and vanilla sugar What would the dishes are not slipping, I enclose a damp cloth. Eggs are always mine. Separated proteins from egg yolks. Eggs should be refrigerated.
  • 00:55: Whipping proteins. Now yolks add sugar and vanilla sugar. And sobyu to white. To add the beaten egg yolk and flour mix. Proteins must be crimped in abrupt foaming.
  • 02:15: Interfere proteins in the egg yolks in a clockwise direction. I spread on the sheet.
  • 03:15: I align. Heat oven to 200 * C.
  • 04:10: Put baked at setting "top-down".
  • 04:48: I make cream. It requires butter, condensed milk, cocoa, vanilla sugar cream. The oil whip room temperature until white.
  • 05:24: I add cocoa. The amount of cocoa desired. Add the vanilla sugar. Gradually add condensed milk.
  • 06:14: Cream prepared. I put for a while in the fridge.
  • 07:01: Sponge cake prepared. Trim the edges. We must do everything quickly while cake is still warm. Spread cream.
  • 08:14: You can also cook and white cream without adding cocoa. I turn. Presses.
  • 09:15: Once the cream is removed. Now I make the icing. Icing sugar is mixed with water.
  • 10:03: I am watering glaze. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. I put in the refrigerator. Roll ready.
  • 10:57: Bon Appetit.