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  • 00:04: I really love peaches and you too and you know what you need add to peach that he turned present Royal dessert and Glinskaya know Lisa and now tell us Meet the 5 lines It is very yellow the most fashionable color This season you lee favorite well well, what As for peaches I love and I really like peaches does recently discovered a combination of
  • 00:30: very incredible tasty combination Peach Raspberry peach Escoffier Today we will be his Cook perfect raspberries and cream you love and accept him you spravzhny you beetles delicacy she It is cost you the season because you buckle Idarov pray to g-1 Know species Shah the entire light dessert wool and bodies and to Shvydkoi knowing elementary ingredients today will wash unique chance here than at this I ate the peach and the great French Kuhar Auguste Escoffier in what arguments we shadows
  • 01:00: will refund your dessert not in any of the guy churn and an element strava so vouchsafed about the guy behind the shield maiden call it floated I began my hour and C0 2 call delicacies Babs and coffee 6 Recipe by both the Peach Melba start music for the county First we need to remove bone with peach split in half, we will cook them in syrup boil thoroughly you me help and which are necessary peaches take what they are soft solid
  • 01:30: juicy not you know if the peaches that's how we have today they must be solid It will be carried out in syrup for about 20 minutes and if Percy softer then they about 10 minutes will quite half To do this, cut to cut in half yes and pulled the bone together with the peel until so long with peel the fact that just after how to boil water lapped very good peel depart by the way if do the same with nectar, we have nectarine not peel slezet whatever you tried
  • 02:00: that is, some do not use but no one you can use but He received a skin per liter of water we need 250 grams of sugar do syrup where did you learn cook this dessert I have a book Escoffier this great chef French sought Me something and how our logenkaya it turned out he was very favorite channel incredibly not too tasty not Whether you are looking to get on Actually I conquered history create this dessert and the dessert
  • 02:31: chef was created from Pizza Cafe on Lemay extraordinary combination peach and raspberry, and she and He won out since this dessert is considered one of the best liter of water 250 grams sugar and the zest of one lemon can be added to cinnamon stick you can add anise if you like me I add a little Vanilla something Lizonka you today themselves are not like that You're telling me forty three grams of protein egg and weigh the
  • 03:01: you can setting the stage logistician put Can cinnamon kitchen vanillin you that your This first recipe when you and so on behaving as peaches Skopje allow such here cook peaches syrup then there is no longer I drive my mother did not know Voloshka More tablespoon less still get boil will need about 15 minutes and then let them cool down when it comes to
  • 03:30: syrup seems to me is something thick and must be it should be here a little bit covered fruit and already Vares the syrup well as if we we soup not cook in front of us it will be sufficient here in proportions such liter of water because 50 grams sugar separately decor will use the zest lemon Vodicka Boil three times in order to get rid of bitterness just once arbitrary water again Magic 10 covered this dessert that forever I changed the forest glen
  • 04:00: ical she forgot how weigh the chicken proteins liza liza we forward when syrup boils up but not just to expect to wait I'm happy to let to prepare the way I summer is still very much coffee with ice cream and from dirt and oh, those culinary I have in the freezer the camera always pripason briketik Help yourself to the beautiful day it all starts
  • 04:30: dusk boil and boil Now they are 15 minutes pokipyat and then we give them another 20 minutes to get to the that they have cooled down at edema should boil for 15 minutes for us the time fly swiftly for dessert peach of cafes and peaches boiled for 15 minutes I think they are quite ready so I took off They already shkurochku and leave them more minutes 15-20 that they ah
  • 05:01: ladilis and zest we already drained three times last refill some water to cover and add literally a few tablespoons tablespoons powdered sugar water every time we We are given three times merge fourth drained water Cold fill times water 4 times with 5 same cold water we fill but adds to a few tablespoons tablespoons powdered sugar We heard Lisa say some days we make a raspberry
  • 05:30: sauce and slay talk about what Escoffier was one of the First in the world Chefs invented to connect fruits and berries in one dessert so now what else It can be connected in such a unusual way that when you know it's for Sarah Bernhardt say he invented combination pineapple with strawberries fabulous and I think at you happened such that you like so that then I joined and realized you invented even banal cottage cheese casserole that's like here something I add I add to
  • 06:00: orange peel and orange juice and she obtained a such wastewater fragrant and who seemingly so but a very small thing delicious I understand that we a few grams raspberry took today we took 200 grams confident and take more 150 grams of a sugar powder raspberries and bones are not and prevent us from interfere got to go through a sieve until I help and spoke of
  • 06:32: is that you inspiring stories are associated with some culinary masterpieces here I like Escoffier dedicated to his muse dessert, what else culinary stories you You know because there navigate a Kiev cake so he is actually quite by chance It turned back in the '50s years Carl factory Marx technologist he accidentally made a mistake and turned say practically unsuitable proteins
  • 07:00: and a large number of it is at your own the risk of their prepared cake and wasted turned the almost too that now here we It causes such a ken cakes Well you so much prepare well practicing of something new invent you too You need to write everything down not to forget maybe later once you book write well, and I I have one last action time develops impression that of my life there is only cooking on the it is not so, I very fond of body art I drawing on the tee draw
  • 07:30: wherein on a piece of I decided my paper much worse than body here as you on himself drew near me there is not thought that the wood year and that what is a rather what have you done Why did you tattoo I decided not to know everyone believes me very very always correct thought does not go well when you realize show that it is not this right here and you have done to the Pope tattoo also I have not been seen elsewhere
  • 08:00: that is, at least show one should not be on the same on back I was about peel ready sustain and people We thought for whether Climb all who were in my kitchen your tattoos on his back We have a yes and yes yes Well devas haha who where she takes on the iron there is something written and I look
  • 08:31: as a year and do not move Only I did not understand that you have written there like a newspaper from Nagy I always something says this is a text that gives me forces also destroys I have a thief in Eugene Now you know so they the yield strength and then you also, and once and for all body came to all I peel ready for I know Lisa but there is no wait
  • 09:01: so well see It appears in your life of a man and sees you have on the back of this tattoo say Generally yes yes and you talking about Zelda that I am not saying I I speak comply Lisa quickly distance It turned into blonde gum but I want you reviewed and legs too it legs more than this conscious there It is written in Latin and fate helps bold but here every time you
  • 09:30: understand what you a tattoo this happened in certain period your life is due to some events yes yes but most joyful event where you were Well tattoos on this moment probably when I I get married and I think that his initials beloved I somewhere Statement Finally there is even anecdote is not exactly I remember what when man wanted to engraved on wedding ring his name beloved and jeweler
  • 10:01: advise him but Do not let that little behalf I mean that then the but you can change I have to withdraw interrupting output I think you say I new to fall in love with you I say appears is not talking I know today Lease Glinskaya completely not the same as always thanks dessert Peach cafe 4 times lilies how many minutes We warmest and you know we cooked literally literally cooked
  • 10:30: A couple of minutes add sugar powder and think 50 grams you see you talk a little bit about what you on heart has already moved on diploma few I have a few I am beginning to learn occurs prior to peaches But if we doing their winter We can make them from canned penguin's will also not less so tasty and ice cream, and there is still Lisa that she forgot
  • 11:02: vanilla essence no you put that Lisa that you forgot almonds guess will All decor almond Chips See here is a classic presentation for this dessert so I I tried when peach every three probably more and and when here such ice cream ball, he Just goes over there where there was a bone people who already I became a chef to I reached some heights
  • 11:30: Now he's a must proudly perceive the results of their Labor and not be ashamed talk about as great or still need to be will know how to humble to me there is still likely to be humble because present do the right boss cook it right probably improved that is not permanently It does not stop progress is not always not enough so I would yet still have something I would long lease presents another
  • 12:00: dessert portion of a cafe I recall how my cat to cook dessert Peach Escoffier you need peach ice cream vanilla sugar lemon peel extract raspberry powdered sugar almonds stirring constantly to see the syrup to boiling peaches Extension remove seeds Put the fruit in add syrup vanilla extract boil peaches on low heat for 15 minutes that they become soft ware remove from heat and give little fruit
  • 12:30: then cool in syrup peaches, remove syrup and put online in the a la carte dishes kremanki glasses tray recess up raspberries and sugar grind into powder blender until state puree and then rub through sieve cooking candied lemon Center pour water so that it covered candied boil three times after each times pouring water and filling the new water after the third time again fill with water add sugar powder and cook until about readiness to peel become soft on each half
  • 13:00: peach put ice cream ball pour on top raspberry sauce sprinkle petals Reznova almonds candied I certainly understand if what confuses you such rapid syrup preparation but I do extremely happy and you too, so thank you for this an idea I do not even I doubt it it is very tasty very tasty over quickly and easily it is good probably when cook something light but inspirational knotted in conversation during which we are better
  • 13:30: I know each other Today you have learned a lot of new interesting thanks you for your candor I was very pleased just ice cream then it just know how it even boring Well our eyes are usually ice cream turned compound with fruits and berries royal royal dessert By the way, this dessert cafe somewhere in Paris and he a little less delicious there than we worth sixty six hryvnia and for us it well, most cost
  • 14:01: if it is 15 hryvnia most expensive peaches so much so that we Today, just a day Opening named Lisa Glinskaya