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  • 00:01: Greetings my dear needlewoman on video channel Irina seven my name Irina channel dedicated helpful advice and a lesson on sewing curtains subscribe to channel and watch rollers I wish you good luck with that lesson we will sewing curtain tape Curtain tape our tulle organza with a weighting of
  • 00:31: bottom in this way braid sewn on products from various fabrics having weighting agent weighting is processing factory product bottom prepare the product in the first all we need handle side processing side seams seams can be thin double seam
  • 01:00: or regular half or two cm seam or yet can be treated bias binding then completely otutyuzhivaem all products and from the bottom weighting agent postpone the right Height dimension height measured from the bottom Here's an example of the hook hook it naturally It must be inserted a ledge on the bottom
  • 01:34: hook up point the end product is there to the bottom of which you I need a size after that Expanding already prepared here dinner youtube and measure at side seams delay the necessary to the desired size size not forget add size
  • 02:02: for example if the braid you insert hook the top line loop means you need to the right add size half centimeter if the second line loop means 3 centimeters advance death please size of the loops top edge tape
  • 02:31: to add to height after we are delayed on side seams and poseredinke necessarily in three points desirable postponed for the pain was more the exact amount is still us We need you add 10 centimeters since we go to the bottom weighting already there can not be with him not do anything
  • 03:00: add nor subtract so we are take extra fabric from the top of tulle 10 centimeters press it with upper edge using iron and now we have consolidated we will impose Braid with seamy sides top edge first you start to sew We need to braid iron to iron
  • 03:32: ironing should be spore but because the data tapes have their normal thread and after ironing it at us little sit so previously when you buy a braid for We need 10 15 centimeters add to the size of for example if the tulle in You will be 5 meters then buy 5 15 because in the first place She sits down and in Secondly when we
  • 04:01: to impose seamy side braid the upper edge of tulle we must lay error margin here and see this cut we should close so we have to you excess size as says no more than will be and now we are you start tune not quietly hurrying to the top tulle fold like this
  • 04:31: we sew braid Kate Does literally mm 2 we peeps Julia and on the size of we focus on the entire length of sewing
  • 05:00: after we you sewed the top part of that is, treated Now the upper edge we need to treat lower turn over to front side buckle webbing inwards putting a cloth We align all of this and
  • 05:30: Now zastrachivaem bottom seam that is, the lower part curtain tape for Why am I this case this way of course it is available for those tissue that shine well gas e.g. to tape we then not perry swirled that is, we can go
  • 06:00: side or the other, or this fabric will feeling that she Perry spun for it and now processed the lower section of braid and 0 the lower edge of tape we will fix it later there will be an average seam treated we put a tack
  • 06:30: and also wrote Only in the face after we have consolidated the upper edge of tape the lower edge of tape now we need to stitch on mid-braid strings need pull tie it in pairs done in order so that they then have not parted when we begin to drape
  • 07:05: and start to do middle seam average we will go over the seam a second loop for it to not for scribbling strings, we must shall we do ie pull Here we scribble
  • 07:30: and since they have loose they can get into the seam so I need to be here this the closest thread little noise not pull forget about it after we completely sewn braid three lines some sew without middle line but then it turns out a little inconvenient for hook hook
  • 08:01: raises full sprat and all the bulge braid so I always I sew wide on the amount three lines of this stronger and better in the drapery looks now we need to cut off the excess fabric Now that we are a you laid only please neatly basic fabric and cut and
  • 08:30: from so cut off all the excess the cloth the slice that It remains within us him nothing it does not occur Multiped after washing absolutely nothing because it is in the edge stitch us cut off excess fabric all we have left already ready tulle drape it is very easy this
  • 09:00: braiding ratio it has two assembly with two half three it may have a different drape and we it will only to drape the desired pore size car at the bottom of the strings here hits at the end of fastened upon draperies and hides these pockets here here here we all hide nothing left But our tulle ready result, we
  • 09:30: obtained by resolution 250 plus one and a half or three and plus 10 centimeters a size in the blood ie 261 and a half or 263