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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today I'll show you a quick hair that suitable for every day we weave Spit in bulk the reverse side of it
  • 00:30: It will be fine look on short hair and medium length hair on paper, I will use a comb with a tail a couple of invisibility small rezinochka hair ornaments and secondary locking nail So prepare our hair for hair combing them in the parietal area select triangle
  • 01:00: We divide it into three strands and begin to weave Spit in the opposite side picks a lock on the left side and weave our skin and we do the same thing
  • 01:30: take on the right side strand and weave in our scythe flying is not very tight because later we will pulling our tank spit dopletaem until the end Closed-
  • 02:42: our elastic braids forming a hairstyle We pull our tank Spit someone like more wide voluminous tresses someone less wide you do have on your discretion we We stayed tip We will hide it under
  • 03:13: skin and fasten with both sides stealth fix our hair with lacquered distance of 20 centimeters decorate so that's
  • 03:47: pebble hair so our remarkable hairstyle ready