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  • 00:04: energy is feeling very such unstable energy now I want to I drank the tea is not I want to have disgusted for example if a little More drank already I do not want to disgust that is, energy itself she is feeling very elusive as a sense of saturated once and it is full immediately goes into denial is already in hatred so It said out of love for hate one step so when we
  • 00:30: We talk about feelings in relationships need you need to understand that There are different depth feelings have feelings superficial and that's just like I do not like look good It looks bad here like some not like surface on and feeling it all to know that that's different attitude like here some drink a cup of tea and Now you tell me like you give try you realize that you have already asked Depart away from me not to fight all talk with you this is very surface
  • 01:00: feeling the feeling at a level that's what such primitive contact with reality of life there is a sense more deep feelings that come from the soul by and large here to get love on this level that is otherwise speaking experience feeling of love on a deeper the level that's right it must be earned a feeling she did not there just You need to go through a very long way to there was really such a
  • 01:30: deep love for each friend this route is tied by overcoming through respect through patience by a desire to help another they put all it fore ie when a person he Now this limit its foreign sensual reality type here I will do what I want But when he begins to limit this to fore begins put the top value relationship again of the mutual respect
  • 02:00: trust some to Patience here these here value of character only if the person But with this approach, building relationships then at some point, there is very great trust between partners and this trust is to be the prelude real love true love it completely free it is not related to no jealousy like true love it fully respects another person's rights real love He wants to do something for another, they take
  • 02:30: of his right to 5 such relations on a feeling that's on whether such freedom partner behavior to a depth relationships the right must be earned it deserves Now these here universal values of human life